A YA Must-Read for Every Stage in Your Relationship, from Crush to Breakup

There’s nothing quite like getting swept away in a romance—from the cuteness of awkward flirting, to the swoon of first love, to the drama of an epic misunderstanding. And no matter where you are in your relationship, you can bet there’s a character who has been there, too. Whether you’re just falling in love or just falling out, we’ve got the perfect YA novel to complement your feelings.

Crush: Summer of Salt, by Katrina Leno
Georgina Fernweh has spent her entire life on the island of By-the-Sea, helping her mother and twin sister run the local inn and waiting for her magic gift to appear. But Georgina’s almost eighteen, and it’s starting to look like the Fernweh magic might have passed her over. On top of that, the mysterious, ancient bird that arrives on the island every summer is missing, and it seems like her sister may be involved. Luckily, Georgina has a distraction: she’s falling fast for the beautiful, crushable Prue, who’s staying at the inn with her bird-studying brother. Somehow capturing all the adorably sweet feelings of a crush combined with the backdrop of a vaguely creepy island and an even creepier mystery, Summer of Salt is a must-read.

Best Friends with Feelings: Emergency Contactby Mary H. K. Choi
Penny is a freshman in college, attempting to be friends with her extroverted roommate and hoping to become a writer. Sam is a college dropout, working as a barista and dreaming of making films. When Penny happens on Sam while he’s in the middle of a panic attack, they exchange numbers and start a text-based friendship that quickly hints at something more intimate. But even though they easily share secrets they both struggle to talk about in real life, Penny and Sam avoid bringing up their feelings. With layers of complex relationships, drama, anxiety, and more, Choi’s Emergency Contact is the best-friends-to-lovers romance you didn’t know you needed.

Getting Together: Sometime After Midnightby L. Philips
When Nate and Cameron meet at a show, they instantly hit it off, planning to form a duo both musically and romantically. Then Nate discovers that Cameron’s father ruined his father’s life, and he vanishes from Cameron’s life as quickly as he appeared. Armed with a picture of Nate’s hand-decorated Chuck Taylors and his sister’s social media army, Cameron is determined to track Nate down, but will their parents’ drama ruin any chance they have of a relationship? For everyone who has ever been at the “I really, really hope this is a thing” phase of a relationship, Sometime After Midnight is the perfect romcom.

New Relationship: I Believe in a Thing Called Love, by Maurene Goo
Desi Lee is determined to succeed at everything, including love—if only she weren’t such a failure at flirting. When new guy Luca shows up at school, Desi falls hard. Fueled by her dad’s Korean dramas, she creates an elaborate, only slightly dangerous plan to make Luca fall in love with her. And to everyone’s surprise, it works. Now Desi just has to keep Luca from discovering she manipulated him into being her boyfriend. Funny and full of heart, I Believe in a Thing Called Love will have you laughing out loud and looking for more.

Dating: The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles), by Amy Spalding
Fashion-obsessed Abby is thrilled to land her dream internship at a plus-size boutique. She’s less thrilled to learn she’ll be splitting the spot with Jordi, a talented photographer. Ready to hate Jordi, Abby is surprised to find she actually really likes her. Even better, Jordi likes her back. Before long, they’re dating, falling in love, supporting each other’s dreams, and meeting the parents. But when Jordi plans a surprise that feels more like a betrayal, everything falls apart, and Abby’s left working with the girl who broke her heart. If you’re looking for a fluffy, affirming summer romance, look no further.

Breakup: Broken Beautiful Hearts, by Kami Garcia
When he pushes her down the stairs in the middle of a fight, Peyton’s boyfriend Reed quickly becomes her ex-boyfriend. With a torn ligament in her knee, Peyton’s goal of playing professional soccer is on crutches. Worse, no one believes that it’s Reed’s fault, and he won’t stop calling. Leaving town seems like a necessity, so Peyton heads to Tennessee to live with her uncle and focus on rehab. But it’s hard to keep that focus when the guy helping her through physical therapy is seriously hot—and when her past is (literally) threatening to catch up with her. Proving that good things can come out of heartbreak, Broken Beautiful Hearts is your post-breakup must-read.

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