BREAKING: J.K. Rowling Just Released a Patronus Experience on Pottermore!

BarnesandNoble_stagNo offense to other books, but it seems unlikely there will ever be a literary phenomenon quite as wonderfully expansive as the Harry Potter franchise. The series has been “finished” for almost a decade, and we’re still getting wizarding world movies like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, two-part prequel plays like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and online experiences designed to uncover personal truths about ourselves—like THE PATRONUS EXPERIENCE POTTERMORE JUST RELEASED. WE’RE SERIOUS. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

Sorry about the all-caps outburst, but we won’t apologize for being excited. A Patronus, as you well know, is a corporeal manifestation of hope, happiness, and positive energy. It’s the only thing standing between us and the nightmare creatures known as Dementors. The form it takes is unique to each individual, which is why there is NOTHING most of us want to know more than what our Patronus is—besides maybe what powerful love potion Amortentia would smell like to us, or how it would feel to think you’re eating a butterscotch jellybean on the Hogwarts Express, only to find it’s actually earwax-flavored.

But for now we’ll content ourselves with the Patronus experience. It’s a full-fledged, 3D-animated experience complete with secret algorithms, multiple-choice options, insightful prompts, and a swelling orchestral score, straight from the well-oiled creativity machine that is J.K. Rowling’s brain.

If we’re being honest, a real-life Patronus experience is something we always thought was just a pipe dream, a prayer to the wizard gods destined to go unanswered. It always felt like one of those things that was just too good for us. Rowling has been busy changing lives and rocking worlds with the aforementioned plays and movies; she’s one person and we can only ask so much of her. But she delivered here, and in a big, big way!

With this latest development, we’re all one step closer to being actual wizards who are worthy of Hogwarts. Perhaps soon J.K. Rowling will dispense with all this nonsense and admit that, yes, Hogwarts is real, it’s real for us, it’s been real this whole time, and she’ll take us with her if we are so inclined.

Go on, then. Discover your Patronus. You’ve done your waiting. You deserve it.

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