Five YA Books to Help You Celebrate Vinyl Record Day

The HeartbreakersFor music lovers, there’s nothing quite like opening up a nice 12-inch vinyl record and letting it spin for the first time. You kick back, open up a book, and let that sweet analog sound take you away. Plus, records are a good reminder to get up once in a while. Put your book down, flip the record, get some snacks, pick the book back up…repeat as necessary, or until all your Doritos are gone.

To celebrate Vinyl Record Day—and the release of Ali Novak’s highly anticipated novel The Heartbreakers—we’ve gone ahead and rounded up a handful of YA reads featuring characters that appreciate a nice piece of vinyl.

The Heartbreakers, by Ali Novak
Before Novak’s The Heartbreakers hit bookstores everywhere, it was a smash among the Wattpad community, pulling in over 38 million reads. Thirty. Eight. Million. So it’s no surprise to see it landing on shelves.

When Stella’s sick sister asks her to stand in line for an autographed CD from the Heartbreakers, she goes, even though she absolutely loathes the band. Stella’s sister, Cara, has cancer. How can she say no? Before hopping in the epic four-hour-long line, Stella grab some coffee and meets a cute boy…who turns out to be the lead singer of the band she can’t stand. Suddenly, Stella is off, working as a photographer for the band. Lots of flirting, kissing, and swooning tucked in these pages, and a serious love of music.

The Vinyl Princess, by Yvonne Prinz
This book holds a special place in my blogger heart, as it introduces readers to Allie, a music geek who runs The Vinyl Princess, a music blog and zine. She’s a blogger, you guys. Of course I love this. All she really cares about is music—talking about music, collecting music, listening to music, writing about music. And while her blog increases in popularity, shoppers coming to her beloved record shop are starting to slow down.

And her musical taste? Spectacular. Allie talks about Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and more throughout the novel, and has zero interest in having any of them on an iPod. Vinyl only, thanks. In music’s digital age, she sticks out and appreciates the analog. You’ll finish this book and head out looking for your own Bob and Bob’s Records. Make Allie proud, and get to rummaging.

The Sound of Us, by Ashley Poston
If you liked The Heartbreakers, you’ll absolutely love Ashley Poston’s The Sound of Us. June hates the band Roman Holiday. Can’t stand them. And when they break up, she’s thrilled. She’d rather listen to her beloved classic rock records than have to deal with their pop music blasting all over the boardwalk for one more summer.

But alas. That’s not going to happen. Because the lead singer of the band has been hanging around her neighborhood down the shore, and when unexpected sparks start flying, she has to choose: Keep the boy a secret, or reveal him to a paparazzi who promises to save the rock and roll bar her father left behind?

This Song Will Save Your Life, by Leila Sales
So far we’ve scoped out books about teens that play music, collect music, and write about music…but what about a teenager who remixes music? Enter Elise, from Leila Sales’ This Song Will Save Your Life. After discovering a club where, after spending a lot of time feeling alone, she meets new friends that welcome her in. One happens to be a DJ, and ends up setting Elise on the road to become one herself. Through spinning records, she finds her passion. Be warned: you’re going to laugh, sigh, and swoon a lot while reading this one.

Supergirl Mixtapes, by Meagan Brothers
First of all, that cover. THAT COVER. Pure perfection. Let’s move on. Set in the 90s, Supergirl Mixtapes introduces readers to Maria, a girl really excited to get to New York City after years of living in a quiet South Carolina town. And it’s here, in New York, that she falls in love with the rock music scene…and meets a cute clerk working at a local record store.

But not all is as happy as it seems for Maria in this new adventure. Something is amiss with her flighty, artsy mother. And she’ll have to choose where her loyalty in the life she’s trying to build lies.

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