Looking for Your Next Read? Ask Browsery

Have you checked out Browsery? It’s the new B&N app for readers, that talks about books the way you do. Are you looking for heist stories as great as Six of Crows? YA fantasies with worlds you’ll get lost in? Or do you just want to vent about the last book someone spoiled for you, or gush about the last book that made you cry? Browsery is on it, with answers ranging from the “heck yes!” to the “how have I never heard of this?”

We’ve been playing around a lot on Browsery lately (we’re a little bit hooked), asking questions that have made our to-read list explode. Here are just a few recommendations we got. Download Browsery on the App Store or Google Play, and get to reading (and rec’ing) with us!

What’s the first YA book you’d recommend to someone who doesn’t read YA?

A: “Perfect Chemistry, by Simone Elkeles. This book will PULL the heart strings and make you wish you could jump into it and be the main character! I couldn’t put it down!” -Leena Ranee

We’re obsessed with the Shadowhunters books. What should we read while waiting for Queen of Air and Darkness?

A: “The Girl at Midnight, by Melissa Grey. This trilogy reminds me of the Mortal Instruments so much!” -Jer Jer Binks

What’s your favorite book with an untraditionally strong heroine–not a warrior, but someone complicated and powerful in not-just-physical ways?

A: Illuminae, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. “This series is full of strong heroines (and heroes) who are just ordinary teens overcoming horrible circumstances. Their stories are told in a clever and unconventional way, pieced together through emails, transcripts, and other records.” -Jatharney

We love YA fantasy standalones like Jane, Unlimited and Uprooted! What are your one-shot YA fantasy favorites?

A: “The Beast Is an Animal, by Peternelle van Arsdale. Very atmospheric and based on Welsh mythology!”

You can download Browsery on the App Store or Google Play.

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