New Releases: Curses, Dragons, and Lost Time

It’s not too late to read more new books before 2019! Let this trio of fantasies cast a spell to keep you turning pages before the clock strikes midnight. Christopher Paolini kicks off a new, Eragon-adjacent tales series, and Sara Holland and Laure Eve conclude their respective duologies, full of magic and mystery.

Evermore, by Sara Holland
Everless imagined a world where time can be extracted and taken, used as currency. Of course, the wealthy come out on top, exploiting the poor by siphoning off years from those below them on the food chain. When Jules, a former estate servant, took matters into her own hands to save her dying father, she learned about her own extraordinary destiny and abilities. In book two of this exciting duology, she’s being framed for a double murder and must travel through her own past to set things right.

The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm, by Christopher Paolini
Inheritance Cycle fans have been eagerly anticipating Paolini’s new series, which begins a year after Eragon left Alagaesia. His adventures continue as he sets up his dragonhold and training ground for new dragon riders. The overarching story is offset with three original tales from Alagaesia, including a “diary excerpt” from witch and herbalist Angela and an epic story of a malevolent dragon, and features four pieces of new art by Paolini. The perfect year-end gift for the dragon lover in your life.

The Curses, by Laure Eve
The delicious follow-up to The Gracesan urban fantasy in which an unreliable narrator did whatever it took to ingratiate herself into a trio of glamorous siblings rumored to be witches, switches to the perspective of youngest Grace daughter Summer. She provides a fresh view of the Grace family’s history, as well as the fates of Wolf, outsider River, and the curse that seems to have followed Summer into her dangerous new search for information. Fans of straight-up magic as well as magical realism will by enthralled by the twists and turns in Eve’s latest.

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