New Releases: Greek Gods, French Chefs, and Dark Magic

The final week of November brings us a fluffy rom-com set in Paris, a fantasy about huntresses inspired by Greek mythology, a Vietnam-era black ops adventure, and a debut about a city where the sun never sets. Lastly, two dystopian-future novels will make you shiver and turn pages faster than you thought possible.

Outrun the Wind, by Elizabeth Tammi
Perfect for fans of Melinda Lo’s Ash, this dual-POV debut brings together Greek gods and monsters, huntresses, and a star-crossed love story. When Kahina displeases Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, she is punished for her impulsive behavior and sent to the kingdom of Arkadia, where the king’s fierce warrior daughter, Atalanta, is reluctantly being groomed for a political marriage. The young women team up to secure Atalanta’s freedom while coming to terms with their own romantic yearnings for each other, further complicated by Kahina’s huntress-required vow to never fall in love.

Love à la Mode, by Stephanie Kate Strohm
Fans of Top Chef will lick their lips over this whimsically delicious romance in which two teen chefs—Rosie Radeke from small-town Ohio and Henry Yi from Chicago—are whisked off to Paris for a crash-course in culinary delights. But with Rosie questioning her skills in the kitchen and Henry stressing about Rosie’s friendship with another boy, will their growing feelings be enough to see them through the challenging course?

Runebreaker, by Alex R. Kahler
In Runebender, a Hunter named Tenn used his elemental powers to launch a seemingly impossible battle against the ruling Kin in a postapocalyptic Midwest destroyed by dark magic. In the new installment of this gay fantasy, Tenn’s former “bad boy” love interest, Tomas, arrives in Scotland, where an arrogant, power-hungry young ruler is willing to sacrifice his own humanity if it means increasing his fire abilities and achieving unlimited control over his kingdom.

Amber & Dusk, by Lyra Selene
In this mesmerizing YA debut, Sylvie yearns “to find a world forged in sunlight and honed on dreams, as perilous and intoxicating as the colors spilling jewel-bright from [her] fingertips.” Sylvie knows her ability to conjure illusions from thin air is something special. But without parents to guide her, and no help from the Sisters of Scion who raised her, she leaves the Dusklands behind and journeys to Amber City, the land of perpetual sunlight. There, she remakes herself as Mirage, but discovers that nothing in the palais of Coeur d’Or is what she envisioned, and no one and nothing can be trusted.

Unconventional Warfare, by Chris Lynch
Lynch’s military fiction never disappoints, and his insight into the complex thoughts and feelings of young men is unparalleled. Unconventional combines the best of both in this Vietnam-era look at a black ops team. Given a choice between jail time or joining the mysteriously named Studies and Observation Group of the U.S. army, troubled Danny Manion selects the latter. As part of the SOG’s elite task force, Danny is dropped into Laos for an off-the-books, danger-filled operation.

Slow Burn, by Tommy Wallach
Book two of the Anchor & Sophia trilogy, set in a futuristic American westis a literary thrill ride that sees the war between technology and religion escalating. After the events of Strange Fire, Hamill siblings Clive and Clover, and Paz and Gemma, couldn’t be further apart in terms of philosophies (and locations). As they come to terms with their shifting relationships, each will find their most cherished assumptions challenged in ways they never expected.

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