New Releases: Missing Sisters, Dangerous Boys, and One More Trip Down the Rabbithole

Frozen TidesThe year is winding down, but we’re still adding great new books to our 2015 to-be-read lists. This week’s most exciting releases include returns to three beloved fictional worlds, dystopian and fantastic, and a thriller set against the sixties counterculture.

Unbound, by Neal Shusterman
In UnDivided, the concluding volume of Shusterman’s Unwind dystology, three would-be victims of the brutal process of “unwinding,” in which kids under the age of 18 have their organs harvested (and their lives ended) at the behest of their parents, lead a rebellion against the arm of government that created it. In Unbound, a short-story collection set in this dystopian world, readers learn what happens when the fight is over, and the world is left to rebuild itself.

Untamed: A Splintered Companion, by A.G. Howard
A collection of three novellas set in Howard’s darkly reimagined version of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. Set after the twisted adventures undertaken by Alice Liddell descendant Alyssa in the Splintered series, Alyssa, her mother, and the alluring Morpheus each revisit memories and Wonderland adventures.

Frozen Tides: A Falling Kingdom Novel, by Morgan Rhodes
The fourth installment in Rhodes’ high fantasy Falling Kingdom series, set in the fantastical land of Mytica, is finally here. At the center of a never-ending battle for supremacy is the Mytican throne. Among those fighting to claim it are a betrayed princess, a tortured prince, a compromised king, and a sorceress with a dark vendetta and an even darker new ally. Prepare yourself for another high-stakes chapter full of shocking twists and deadly magic.

Half in Love With Death, by Emily Ross
In a psychological thriller set against the backdrop of the free love 1960s, 15-year-old Caroline’s life is falling apart: her sister, Jess, has disappeared, her parents are lost in guilt and grief, and she feels like she could disappear, too. The one bright spot is Tony, Jess’s too good to be true boyfriend. But a second disappearance, and a web of possible allies among the era’s counterculture, have Caroline doubting her commitment to Tony, who wants to take her to California to track Jess down.

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