New Releases: Royals Go Romantic, Nature Turns Nasty, and Triangle Tropes Turn Topsy-Turvy

This release week mixes it up something fierce, with a survival adventure, a creepy coming-of-age, and romance from all different angles, including a must read for rom com fans waiting in breathless anticipation for the royal wedding!

Bad Call, by Stephen Wallenfels
Take four high school seniors, send them on a secret overnight hiking trip in Yosemite Valley, and wait for complete and total disaster to strike. In this nail-biter, it’s anyone’s guess how things will pan out when they run out of supplies, weather conditions get worse, and suspicion breaks out. Can they all make it out alive?

Prince in Disguise, by Stephanie Kate Strohm (December 19)
If you’re not already familiar with Stephanie Kate Strohm, rom com queen, please adjust your reading list accordingly. You can start with my favorite of 2016, It’s Not Me, It’s You, or you can jump right to her newest. Either way, you’ll know you need to read whatever she does next. This time around, the romance is centered around Dylan, who’s forced to move to a Scottish manor for the remainder of the filming of Prince in Disguise, the reality show that documents the magical romance and impending nuptials between her sister and the guy who turned out to be a lord. Her determination to stay in the shadows as she always has, however, is rocked by her shocking chemistry with one of the groomsmen, Jamie. After all, these are cameras that simply cannot resist budding young love.

Shadow Girl, by Liana Liu (December 19)
Mei’s summer may include a slightly atypical plan, but getting out of her cramped apartment and away from her family to spend the time living in an island mansion while tutoring a girl sounds glorious compared to the alternative. But living in luxury with the Morrison family on Arrow Island grows increasingly uncomfortable as circumstances change, secrets are revealed, a haunting creeps in, and her chemistry grows between her and Henry, her charge’s brother.

Three Sides of a Heart, ed. by Natalie C. Parker (December 19)
Say the words “love triangle” three times and a million YA readers will come out of the woodwork to tell you how much they despise them…which is why this anthology was born to turn the trope on its head in every way. From “the girl gets the girl” to polyamorous “OT3s” to “what if” to straight-up icing out the competition, noted authors from a wide-spanning variety of genres take the triangle to task for an anthology full of the unexpected.

Here, There, Everywhere, by Julia Durango and Tyler Terrones (December 19)
Zeus never wanted to leave the big city of Chicago for the far smaller town of Buffalo Hills, which is where his mother whisked them to in order to pursue her cafe-owning dreams. But meeting Rose definitely makes it seem a whole lot better. The only problem? Rose isn’t a small town girl either, and she’s already got a foot out the door and into New York City, where she plans to pursue music. Their summer together is definitely the shot of fun they both need, but how can Zeus convince her to make it more when they’re headed apart?

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