New Releases: Slam Poets, False Princes, and Sentient Spaceships

It’s a fantastic week for followups, from Nikki Grimes’s long-awaited return to Mr. Ward’s classroom to the third entry in the bestselling Ravenspire series to a new installment in the world of the Schuyler sisters, and beyond. Don’t miss these incredible returns to familiar worlds, and awesome ventures into brand-new ones!

Between the Lines, by Nikki Grimes
It has been seventeen years since Grimes’ Coretta Scott King Award–winning Bronx Masquerade, but she hasn’t missed a beat in this companion; indeed, only a summer has passed between the books, but that’s enough time for Mr. Ward to get a whole new class. Darrian joins in the hopes that the emphasis on poetry will improve his wordsmithing enough to help him realize his dream of writing for the New York Times. But he learns a lot more than skills when he gets to know his classmates through the work they share and what they reveal about themselves and their families.

The Traitor Prince, by CJ Redwine
The third book of the fairytale-inspired Ravenspire series mashes up “The Prince and the Pauper” and “The False Prince” in the story of Javan, crown prince of Akram, who returns from a decade at boarding school to see an impostor nab his throne. When the impostor’s assassins force Javan into prison, his only hope for salvation comes via fighting in the prison’s annual tournament and winning an audience with the king. But Javan has made many enemies, and only the imprisoned Sajda, a skilled fighter in her own right, is willing to help. If they can band together and emerge victorious, they’ll save both their lives. But if they fail, they may never see the outside of prison again.

Honor Among Thieves, by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre
When two New York Times bestselling authors team up for a futuristic sci-fi adventure, the results are nothing short of thrilling. Meet Zara, a petty criminal who’s on her own since refusing to move to Mars with her family. She’d be fine if she could just stay out of trouble, but when that becomes impossible, she finds herself instead recruited onto an elite team of humans called the Honors, who’ll be charged with exploring the far corners of the universe as passengers aboard sentient alien spaceships the Leviathan. Zara clicks with both her ship, Nadim, and her partner, Beatriz, making for a better experience than she could’ve imagined…at least until dark secrets rear their heads, raising questions about the Leviathan and what they might be hiding.

Web of Frost, by Lindsay Smith
Smith has shown off both Russian expertise and major fantasy chops in her previous books, so what better direction to go next than a book that combines them both? This first installment in the Saints of Russalka series is set in a Russian-inspired world in which Russalka is an empire protected by a royal family who works miracles from the saints. That family includes Princess Katza, who has been receiving visions she knows mean she’ll never take the throne. Then tragedy strikes, making her next in line just as the empire is on the verge of being torn apart by rivals and rebellion. Katza fears it may be the beginning of the end of Russalka, until she meets a prophet whose visions tell an entirely different story. But whose visions are correct, hers or the prophet’s? And what will happen to Russalka if she trusts the wrong ones?

Hamilton and Peggy!, by L.M. Elliott
Peggy Schuyler gets her due in this ode to her friendship with Alexander Hamilton, pieced together from historical journals and letters. Asked by Hamilton for help in wooing her sister Eliza, Peggy agrees to provide assistance, and what follows is a lovely wartime correspondence that also reveals what life was like in Albany during the Revolutionary War.

Sightwitch, by Susan Dennard
This third entry in the Witchlands series is an illustrated novella set back in the beginning, when Ryber was but a Sightwitch sister tucked away at a convent, waiting for a call from a goddess who never comes. Suffused with the pain of being the only Sister who doesn’t possess the Sight, watching the others hurts her soul for years, right up until they’re all summoned into the mountain and don’t come back. Ryber is alone, and she’s the Sisters’ only hope, Sight or no Sight. It’s on her journey to save them that she meets Kullen, and their perilous path changes things forever.

The Last Beginning, by Lauren James
In The Next Together, we met Katherine and Matthew, who meet, fall in love, and are separated century after century. Now, sixteen years after they disappeared for good, Clove desperately wants to find her consistently reincarnated family members. But where does she even begin the hunt? What propelled their unusual journey? And what’s the deal with the girl who keeps popping up, determined to steal Clove’s attention and heart?

Dark Goddess, by Amalie Howard
In this sequel to Alpha Goddess, all is well in the Mortal Realm now that the Lord of Death has been removed from the throne and Sera’s best friend, Kyle, sits there instead…until demons suddenly descend upon them, and Sera is forced to desperately search for their source. When she beseeches the gods for assistance, they send Kira, the living incarnation of Kali, goddess of destruction. Kira will fight by any means necessary to preserve the heavens, even if it means the Mortal Realm suffers in the process. With their only hope for help now an entirely different kind of enemy, Kyle and Sera have to work together to protect their world and save everyone they love.

The Prince and the Dressmaker, by Jen Yang
Prince Sebastian’s parents may have brides on the brain, but he’s not interested in getting married right now. The joy of his life is something else entirely: wearing beautiful dresses and gallivanting around Paris as the fashion icon Lady Crystallia. It would never be possible without Frances, the dressmaker who both makes his beautiful outfits and keeps his secret. But keeping quiet about the fact that she’s the brilliant mind behind Lady Crystallia’s outfits is getting more and more frustrating for a girl who’s got ambitious dressmaker dreams. How long can she keep his secret if it means she has to stay one, too?

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