New Releases: Toxic Friendship, Girls in Trouble, and the Midas Touch

There’s a special kind of magic to release days dominated by new voices. Today’s releases include three debuts, one sophomore, and two diverse, powerful anthologies like you’ve never quite seen before, each containing authors who are new on the scene. (And yes, there are some old favorites you don’t wanna miss, either!) So get to know some talented newbies who are shaking YA up; it may be the first you’ve seen of them, but it won’t be the last.

See All the Stars, by Kit Frick
Waving the Homoerotic Toxic Friendship Novel flag, i.e. the best of all the flags! Ellory and Ret used to be thick as thieves, inseparable from each other and the rest of their foursome, Bex and Jenni. Then Ellory falls for secretive, damaged Matthias, and the more time she spends with him, the more the others resent her absence, forcing her to work that much harder at maintaining her relationships. But that was Then. That story alternates with Now in a dual timeline that finds the secrets and tension building on both sides. Like: who’s sending Ellory those notes? What kind of friend was Ret really? And the biggest question of all: what was the tragedy that tore Ellory’s entire world apart, and can it ever be put back together?

Our Stories, Our Voices, edited by Amy Reed
The subtitle of this anthology is “21 YA Authors Get Real About Injustice, Empowerment, and Growing Up Female in America,” and if that’s not enough to make you smash your finger on the Add to Cart button, the lineup will: it includes, in addition to the prolific and talented Reed herself, Printz-winning Nina LaCour; National Book Award longlister, Morris finalist, and Stonewall honoree Anna-Marie McLemore; Stonewall and Cybils winner Brandy Colbert; Stonewall honoree Hannah Moskowitz; New York Times bestsellers Aisha Saeed, Amber Smith, Sandhya Menon, Ellen Hopkins, and Julie Murphy; and upcoming debut Somaiya Daud. The collection also includes contributions from two previously unpublished authors alongside more familiar names like Jaye Robin Brown, Martha Brockenbrough, Sona Charaipotra, I.W. Gregorio, Alexandra Duncan and Stephanie Kuehnert, and honestly, what better subject to introduce new voices?

The Raging Ones, by Krista and Becca Ritchie
The New York Times–bestselling twin duo may have made their name in adult contemporary romance, but for their first foray into YA, they’re all about the sci-fi. In Altia, you learn the date of your death on the day of your birth, but for teens Franny, Mykal, and Court, there’s been a little glitch…in that all of them have lived past their predetermined end. And there’s another little hiccup: for some reason, they’re all emotionally connected. With nothing good to come of people learning they’ve bucked the odds, the three of them have to work together to escape the planet, even if it means fighting an impossible battle.

A Touch of Gold, by Annie Sullivan
The legend of King Midas goes YA in this debut about Princess Kora, a girl still suffering the consequences of her father’s wish to turn anything he touched into gold…including her skin. Never mind that King Midas gave up his power after it almost killed her. She’s still drowning in rumors and hiding her powers for as long as she can, veiled and locked away from the world. Then a new visitor, a duke, arrives at the palace, and Kora finally has reason to hope there’s a love out there for her after all. But when a theft from the royal treasury throws everything out of whack, forcing Kora to put her gold-sensing ability to use, she must embark on a dangerous journey to track the villain down, no matter what it may cost.

Fresh Ink, edited by Lamar Giles
What do you get when an incredible collection of writers, both new and well established, get together to write an anthology full of creative and diverse stories? What better way to find out than picking up this collection featuring authors including Malinda Lo, Nicola Yoon, Aminah Mae Safi, Sara Farizan, and Jason Reynolds, edited by one of the best thriller writers in YA? Oh, and did I mention it contains a one-act play from the legendary Walter Dean Myers that has never been in print before? Sooo, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

The Looking Glass, by Janet McNally
Sylvie Blake and her sister, Julia, shared a favorite fairytale book, which Julia retitled Girls in Trouble. Then former ballerina Julia goes missing following a post-injury pain pill overdose, and it seems like she‘s the girl in trouble—but is she? Sylvie doesn’t understand the circumstances behind her sister’s departure, but when their old fairytale book shows up with Julia’s handwritten list inside—and characters from the tales the girls loved start appearing in the real world—she knows it’s time to go looking for her sister. With her best friend’s enigmatic brother along for the ride, Sylvie embarks on a journey to rescue Julia, or to learn whether she wants to be saved after all.

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