Our Most Anticipated Sequels of 2019: July to December

Step right up to have your patience rewarded! Sequels (including series enders) abound this fall, and you don’t want to wait a minute longer than you have to to revisit old friends and pick up those cliffhangers where they left off. So let’s get to it!

Immunity, by Erin Bowman (July 2)
This follow-up to Contagion sees Thea, Nova, and Coen having escaped to safety from Achlys…or have they? Turns out the very ship they thought would bring salvation is now their prison, and the only way to prevent interstellar disaster is to harness the evil of the contagion and put themselves in grave danger.

Soul of Stars, by Ashley Poston (July 23)
That gang from Heart of Iron is back, though most of the galaxy thinks Ana is dead following her escape from the HIVE. Now the outlaw-turned-empress will have to fight to save Di from the HIVE and get her kingdom back under her control, and the only way to do it is to find the only person who’s ever successfully hacked the HIVE and lived: Starbright. But her mission has dangerous consequences, and soon they’re facing an enemy greater than any they ever could’ve imagined.

Sea Witch Rising, by Sarah Henning (August 6)
Set after the epilogue of Sea Witch, this sequel is told in alternating perspectives: Runa, who must intervene on behalf of her twin, who traded her voice to the Sea Witch, and Evie, who yearns to be free from that role. Both girls will need to make sacrifices for what they want, but can they live with the respective costs?

#MurderFunding, by Gretchen McNeil (August 6)
I was so thoroughly creeped out by McNeil’s #MurderTrending that I can’t say I won’t be reading this follow-up with the lights on, but I can safely say I’ll be devouring it however I can. When seventeen-year-old Becca is tapped for Who Wants to Be a Painiac following the death of her mom, who was supposedly notorious serial killer Molly Mauler, she has to follow the trail to uncover the truth. But when real people start dying and Becca realizes the murders aren’t just for show, she’ll end up racing against the blade to uncover the secrets she so desperately seeks.

Of Ice and Shadows, by Audrey Coulthurst (August 13)
Your favorite Sapphic princesses have returned! Three years after we first met Denna and Mare in Of Fire and Stars, they’re still blissfully in love, but their lives aren’t without certain difficulties…like the fire magic Denna’s struggling to control. To get the education she needs, she’ll have to travel to the kingdom of Zumorda with Mare serving as an ambassador to provide cover. But the journey ends as an attack begins, and now Mare’s diplomatic mission is for real. Too bad the Zumordan queen has more interest in Denna’s magical power than in Mare’s political one. She wants to keep Denna as a trainee, but it means choosing magic over Mare. Meanwhile, Mare’s uncovering deadly plots that put them in either graver danger. Can they save their kingdom without falling apart?

Wild Savage Stars, by Kristina Perez (August 27)
The Tristan-and-Iseult-inspired series that began with Sweet Black Waves has Branwen in possession of a powerful secret and magic that has the power to change the world. Her first love and her best friend may have broken her heart, but if Branwen wants to keep her kingdom safe, she’ll have no choice but to keep their betrayal a secret. Then again, maybe her magic has her destined for other things. Better things. Darker things.

These Divided Shores, by Sara Raasch (August 27)
Missed the trio at the heart of These Rebel Waves? Good news: Lu, Vex, and Ben are back, and each one of them has been through hell. Lu and Ben are being held prisoner by King Elazar, forced to make a weapon that will only strengthen their captor. Meanwhile, Vex is suffering from both his Shaking Sickness and his guilt at being unable to save Lu and Ben. Now everything he has left is forced into a rebellion against Agrid, while Ben the heretic prince has his own battles to fight. The future is on the line, and they must all confront their pasts to fight it.

Red Skies Falling, by Alex London (September 3)
Black Wings Beating is one of the coolest, bloodiest, and most heartbreaking fantasies I’ve read in a while, thanks to its falconry magic and the brother-sister team of Brysen and Kylee who anchor it. But London’s definitely upped his game with this sequel that has Kylee training to master communication with the deadly ghost eagle and Brysen struggling to survive in the Six Villages as the Kartami attack. Between the twists and turns among Kylee’s allies and enemies and the emotions running high between Brysen and Jowyn, every few pages had me holding my breath as the separated siblings did their best to care for each other and save their people from outside invasion. Plus, between Kylee being aroace and romance brewing between the boys, this is one of the most delightfully queer fantasies I’ve read in a while. All in all, this is my new mid-trilogy standard for excellence.

Only Ashes Remain, by Rebecca Schaeffer (September 3)
The undoubtedly chilling and gory sequel to Not Even Bones immediately attacks that cliffhanger ending with Nita dead-set on revenge against Fabricio, the boy who betrayed her. It isn’t just pride that drives her; now that there’s a video of her self-healing out there on the dark web, she’s a bigger target than ever, unless she can strike fear into the hearts of everyone who would come after her. Destroying Fabricio would certainly help achieve that, but can she?

Five Dark Fates, by Kendare Blake (September 3)
I’m not sure if there’s a more anticipated fantasy series ender this year as the world of Three Dark Crowns comes to a close and the fate of the three sisters while finally be unveiled. For now, Katharine’s still in charge, but she doesn’t have everything; Mirabella and Arsinoe have managed to form a close sisterly relationship, while she still remains on the outside. But even that isn’t as it seems, and when warning arrives from the dead queens, Katharine learns Mirabella isn’t to be trusted…something a very busy and burdened Arsinoe has already learned the hard way. The time has come for the rivalry to end for good.

Eclipse the Skies, by Maura Milan (September 3)
The sequel to Ignite the Stars sees Ia surprising even herself by working for the Olympus Commonwealth. But what choice did she have when she found out her brother Einn was trying to destroy the universe? If she wants to see him die by her own hand, she has to help the Royal Star Force find him, no matter how contrary to her nature it is. Meanwhile, Brinn is facing public backlash against the identity she’s only just begun to claim, and it’s tearing her and her friendship with Ia apart.

Capturing the Devil, by Kerri Maniscalco (September 10)
I’m so sad to be seeing this historical mystery series meet its end, but what better way to cap it off than by capturing the infamous White City Devil? Audrey Rose and Thomas may have left London behind, but plenty of blood fills Chicago, too, with the notorious serial killer on the loose at the World’s Fair. It isn’t uncovering his identity that stymies the detective pair, but how to catch him. They’ll have to contend with his torture chamber and his twisted, wily mind to bring him down, or else they’ll brutally die trying.

Steel Tide, by Natalie C. Parker (September 17)
Missing your favorite all-female pirate crew from Seafire? Well you won’t have to pine for long before Caledonia comes back, sans her crew but with a whole new gang in the form of Blades, i.e. former Bullets who’ve escaped Aric Athair and live like nomads. While she appreciates their nursing her back to health, she isn’t interested in living their lifestyle; she wants to find her friends and to defeat Aric for good. To do that, she’ll need to convince the Blades to join her, find the crew from Mors Navis, and reclaim the seas.

A Dream So Dark, by L.L. McKinney (September 24)
In A Blade So Black, McKinney asked what if a bi, Black Buffy the Vampire Slayer had fallen down the rabbit hole instead of Alice? Now she’s learning the answer something fierce in her quest to stop the Black Knight, heading deeper and deeper into Wonderland on her journey. This time there’s a new enemy in play, a poet who uses nightmares to both influence the living and raise the dead. A poet who wants Alice’s power and will stop at nothing to get it.

Bid My Soul Farewell, by Beth Revis (September 24)
The closer to the dark and deathly duology that began with Give the Dark My Love has Nedra in a considerably more dangerous place, embracing her necromantic powers even thought Emperor Auguste is determined to eradicate them from Lunar Island. Caught in between is Grey, who loves Nedra but knows her dark magic and army of revenants, who are currently at the quarantine hospital, are a danger to his people. Meanwhile, Nedra hopes to find a way to free the dead and their souls, as long as it won’t mean losing her sister. But what happens when her mission takes her too far, and how long can Grey stand by her side?

A Kingdom for a Stage, by Heidi Heilig (October 8)
The music of For a Muse of Fire dances back into your soul this fall with a sequel starring Jetta, who now finds herself a wanted outlaw in danger of being charged for treason against the crown. There’s also the small matter of the magic that runs through her veins, allowing her to animate whatever she likes (including weaponry), a power that makes her way too attractive to both the army and the rebels. But Jetta doesn’t want to use her power for evil. She’s already seen it corrupt and she won’t fall prey to the same trap, especially not when she’s already done and lost so much. To save her country, though, she may not have a choice.

Rogue Heart, by Axie Oh (October 8)
This isn’t so much a sequel to Rebel Seoul as it is a companion. It’s set in Neo Beijing in 2021, two years after the Battle of Neo Seoul, where Ama works in a cafe by day and as a lounge singer by night. The telepath is enjoying her anonymity, until PHNX, a resistance group, approaches her to expose a government experiment. Having escaped one herself, Ama can’t say no, and soon she’s putting her powers to work as a rebel spy. But she could never anticipate what turns out to be her most complex mission yet: to infiltrate the base of the Alliance’s new war commander…who happens to be Alex Kim, the boy who betrayed her. The boy she loved. The boy who is almost certain to recognize her if he catches her posing as one of his officers. The boy who could send her to her death, no matter what happened between them before.

Monster of the Week, by F.T. Lukens (October 15)
The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic has got to be one of the cutest YA fantasies of all time, so learning there’d be a sequel to this bi YA was an utter delight, especially since it kicks off with Bridger’s life being fine and dandy. Boyfriend? Check. Best friend? Check. College acceptance? Check. Great job in the world of magic? Check. Concerns about the future? Check. Return of estranged dad? Check. Investigation opening into the strange events of last fall, threatening to put the myth world back at risk? Check. Huh. Maybe things aren’t that smooth after all….

Girls of Storm and Shadow, by Natasha Ngan (November 5)
The queer fantasy series that took YA and the New York Times-bestseller list by storm last year returns with a sequel to Girls of Paper and Fire, revisiting Lei now that she’s “the Moonchosen,” slayer of the Demon King. Together with her girlfriend Wren and a bounty on her head, she now must travel the kingdom to gain support, but with potential enemies at every turn and relationship doubts constantly lurking, the journey grows increasingly treacherous both physically and emotionally, especially a new magic-fueled plot to destroy the rebels begins to come to fruition.

Deadly Little Scandals, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (November 5)
The mistress of YA thriller series is now two books deep into her newest with this sequel to Little White Lies, which follows Sawyer Taft as she’s being roped into an elite society group called the White Gloves by her cousin Lily. Sawyer’s still dying to find answers regarding her family’s past, and it’s looking like someone in the group may know the truth. But none of them are prepared for the secret they actually uncover.

Children of Virtue and Vengeance, by Tomi Adeyemi (December 3)
The sequel to YA’s biggest fantasy debut in years, Children of Blood and Bone, has Zélie facing new struggles. Yes, she’s returned magic to Orïsha, but the ritual to do so was so powerful, it brought back powers for the maji and nobles with magic ancestry as well. Uniting the maji when the enemy has comparable power is difficult enough, and now that civil war is imminent, Zélie must bring the people together and secure Amari’s right to the throne or see the kingdom fall apart forever.

For even more exciting sequels, make sure Vow of Thieves, by Mary E. Pearson (August 6), Rage by Cora Carmack (August 27), Rebel by Marie Lu (October 1), The Toll by Neal Shusterman (November 5), Supernova by Marissa Meyer (November 5), and Tears of Frost by Bree Barton (November 5) are on your radar!

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