A Perfect Playlist For Brenna Yovanoff’s Places No One Knows

Places No One Knows

Places No One Knows, by Brenna Yovanoff, is a propulsive, emotion-drenched love story for anyone who has ever felt unlovable.

Waverly Camdenmar isn’t type A. She’s type A+. She gets the grades, looks the part, dates the right boys…and spends her sleepless nights running until her feet bleed. For Waverly, the world is a soft and mutable place, just waiting for her to exert her will onto it.

Marshall Holt is type Zzz. He sleeps all the time, drinking or getting stoned until he passes out in his room, in the park, in his brother’s bathroom. It doesn’t matter. For Marshall, the world is too hard to face without numbing agents.

Then, one night, Waverly falls asleep and finds herself with Marshall. A weird dream, but she’s happy to have gotten any sleep at all…until she wakes up and finds wet leaves on her bare feet. As she continues to travel to Marshall in her dreams, the two grow closer, but keep their distance in the light of day. Waverly worries she’s too hard to be loved, Marshall worries he’s too soft.

I couldn’t stop reading, or rooting for them to find a way to trust themselves and each other. This playlist has a piece of each of them in it. The songs are as intense as Waverly, and as full of love as Marshall. Together, they make the perfect, romantic running mix: for sleepless nights, or love-filled days.

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