Watch an Exclusive Clip from Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall, a Week Before It Hits Theaters

Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver’s classic story of a girl who continually relives what might be the last day of her life, is hitting the big screen March 3. We’re just one week away from finally seeing this moving tale brought to life, in an adaptation that, based on the awesomely chilling trailer, is going to have undertones of whiz-bang thriller, as Samantha attempts to break free of a terrifying, Groundhog Day–esque trap.

Sam is one of a cadre of carefree mean girls, whose thoughtless bullying of a fellow classmate has repercussions beyond their imagining. After a seemingly unmomentous day, on the way home from a party, she dies in a car crash—only to wake up in her own bed, thrown back in time to the morning of the accident, set to relive the last day of her life. As she tries to find a way to live it the “right” way, she begins to transform, and to discover all the things that make life worth living…when it may already be too late to change the way she lived hers.

Today we’re sharing an exclusive, deliciously creepy clip from the film. In this scene, Sam is trying out a version of her last day in which she and her friends skip the fateful party and stay home. As the moment when the car crash is supposed to occur—and Sam’s life is supposed to end—approaches, the tension thickens…

Read this groundbreaking debut from a YA superstar if you haven’t yet, then don’t miss the movie when it hits theaters next Friday.

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