Which YA BFF Are You?

Since You've Been GoneWe’ve all had (or will have) that moment of startling realization, when it becomes apparent that we are not, as we’d previously assumed, the main character in a particular story—we’re the sidekick. But that’s okay, because every good reader knows it’s not the hero that makes the novel, it’s their choice in best friend. So which fictional BFF are you?

1. Your best friend has a new life goal. You…
a. Make a sarcastic quip and remind her she’s on her own (even though you both know you’ll pitch in when things get rough).
b. Crack a joke; someone’s got to lighten the mood around here.
c. Encourage her, and start researching how to make this happen. After all, you can’t be happy unless she’s happy.
d. Sit down with her and go over the pros and cons of this goal; you guys like taking things from both sides.
e. Start suggesting improvements—it’s a nice plan, but you know how to make it way more exciting.
f. Try to get her to tone it down! She’s got a good heart, but you know things are about to go spinning out of control.

2. Oh no! Your BFF seems to have fallen into a funk. You…
a. Bring him some yummy comfort food. You don’t like to encourage dependency, but he just looks so pathetic.
b. Start stuffing food into your mouth so you don’t have to say anything—you’re a little awkward when things get serious.
c. Take him out to some of your favorite places and turn on the charm. He always cheers up when you’re around.
d. Hear him out and offer some simple advice; you know nothing will cure this but time.
e. Find an adventure! You know there’s no better cure for the funk than a good break from the ordinary.
f. Plan a quiet night of watching his favorite movies. There’s comfort in the familiar!

3. Your best friend just introduced you to her new crush. You…
a. Waggle your eyebrows at her and smirk. ‘Bout time she got some action.
b. High five her and ask if her crush has a friend you can date, too.
c. Frown a lot and ask loads of personal questions. You don’t know why, but you’re sure she could do better.
d. Try to get to know this crush; you just want her to be happy.
e. Wait for her crush to leave, then grill her on ALL the details. She’s got some ‘splainin’ to do!
f. Smile a lot, but worry this could change your friendship forever.

4. You and your best friend are in a fight. You…
a. Slam a lot of doors and punch your pillows a lot, then let things go back to normal.
b. Stop talking to him, but only because you have no idea how to fix things.
c. Do a little soul-searching. Maybe it’s time you made some changes in your life.
d. Try to talk it out with him; you’re sure you guys can be reasonable.
e. Get angry for a little bit,  then try to win him over with a milkshake. You probably shouldn’t have said those things.
f. Apologize right away—this isn’t worth losing the friendship.

5. Your best friend wants to chill. You suggest…
a. Taking a nap. Separately. You guys don’t, like, do hobbies together.
b. A nice, competitive board game. You’ve been working on your chess puns for months.
c. Cuddling on the couch watching movies—it is NOT weird to want to hug your best friend for a few hours.
d. A long, meditative hike. Nothing like fresh air to clear out your mind.
e. Trying out new clothes and hairdos. It’s makeover time!
f. Baking a batch of cookies together. What’s more relaxing than chocolate chips?

6. It’s your BFF’s birthday. You buy her…
a. A gift card. She can figure out what she wants on her own time.
b. A last-minute box of candy. Everyone likes candy, right?
c. Jewelry, possibly heart-shaped. This is NOT weird at all, okay?
d. A new copy of a book you guys talked about last week. You know she’ll love it.
e. That slightly risqué dress you know she’ll never have the guts to buy herself.
f. A photo album, which you painstakingly fill with mementos of your friendship over the years.

7. You and your best friend are going to a party. You…
a. Make sure he arrives and departs safely, but otherwise let him do his own thing.
b. Goof off together all night. Inside jokes are your specialty.
c. Stick by his side so you can chase away any unwanted attention. Why do these people constantly flirt with him?
d. Stay close enough to rescue him from boring conversations, but you’ve got other friends to talk to.
e. Make sure he doesn’t leave early; it’s time he relaxed and let loose.
f. Trail around after him. You know none of these people would talk to you if it wasn’t for him.

Mostly A’s: Regan from Fangirl
You’re nowhere near joined at the hip with your BFF; in fact, you would rather give up coffee than even say “BFF.” You consider your job in this friendship to be providing the sarcasm and cynicism—but you both know you’ll be there if it really comes down to it.

Mostly B’s: Ron Weasley from Harry Potter
You love your best friend like a sibling, including weird, overly dramatic squabbles over insignificant details and a fierce protectiveness you’ll never, ever stop feeling. You’re not always sure how to express it, but you know you’ll be there through thick and thin, no matter what.

Mostly C’s: Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss
You’re just friends. Why is it that you always have to remind people of that fact? It’s totally normal that the idea of your bestie ever kissing anyone else gives you an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach. EVERYONE has that, okay?

Mostly D’s: Po from Graceling
You guys are equals. Partners in crime. Totally in sync. You always try to bring out the best in each other, even when it hurts you. Your friendship has had its ups and downs, but you’ve been through enough together to know you’ll always come through in the end.

Mostly E’s: Sloane from Since You’ve Been Gone
You love your bestie, but you know it’s your responsibility to drag your friend out of her shell. If it wasn’t for you, she’d probably spend her nights sitting at home, reading or baking or whatever—not that you don’t love and respect her steady nature, of course, but you’re here to bring on the adventure! The pizzazz! The sense of wonder!

Mostly F’s: Caroline from Steering the Stars
You’re the grounding in this friendship. The anchor. You’re here to make sure your BFF doesn’t go bounding off into the stratosphere. You may be quiet and introverted, but you’d do anything for your friends, even if it means braving a much-too-crowded social scene.

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