The 7 Best Literary Wedding Themes

Literary wedding!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in…mithril?

Anyone out there with a Pinterest account can tell you about the intense years-in-the-making planning that goes into tying the knot, even for those among us who haven’t yet procured the suitor. Settling on the aesthetics can be laborious, time-consuming, and reality-show-meltdown-inducing. But not if you’re a book nerd! You may never get your letter from Hogwarts, and you may never get to play a round of flamingo croquet with the Queen of Hearts, but that’s no reason not to include your favorite literary moments in your big day. Here are a few novel themes that’ll make your wedding shine:

The Lord of the Rings

The sheer scale of Tolkien’s trilogy presents ample opportunities for your big day. Plus, the whole ceremony can revolve around rings and The One! You’ll want to walk down the aisle with the grace of the elves, party hard like a hobbit on his 111th birthday, then drink yourself under the table with the dwarves. Vows, of course, would need to be said in the forms of riddles—or at least in Elvish, mellon nin. While I can’t suggest serving Lembas bread at the reception, a sumptuous feast like the ones at Lord Elrond’s table would be sure to wow any Fellowship. Aragorn’s Black Gate speech has the potential to be a powerful best man’s toast when paraphrased. And let’s not forget: Frodo’s got them moves like Jagger.

The Hunger Games

Katniss’ gowns, as designed by Cinna, are to die for (almost literally); they’d make any bride the star of the show. The spectacle and absurdity of the Capitol and its denizens have the trappings of an unforgettable ceremony, filled with bombast and lots and lots of primary colors. Surely the caterers would be down for gem-tone skins and whiskers. What’s more, the Cornucopia, with its bountiful harvest, could make a real statement piece for the reception, as well as prove a money-saver: First come, first serve on refreshments, as guests hurl themselves at the piles of provisions.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Well, it made for a neat Tom Petty video.

No boring wedding here, as you embrace the absurd and surreal elements of Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale. Top-hat centerpieces, mismatched tea cups, and playing-card place settings charm the guests, while the flower girl steals hearts in her pinafore. A nice game of croquet serves as the perfect end to a lush outdoor affair. The groom checks his pocket watch and announces you are late for a very important date, and you’re off to happily ever after, a sight prettier than the King and Queen of Hearts.

Harry Potter

The wedding of Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley draws a nice nuptial blueprint with its sumptuous tent. Though she wore a simple white dress in the book, Fleur’s cinematic frock, with its double-phoenix design, could translate nicely if altered to feature, say, your own patronus—which is a totally real thing and not at all fictional, OK? (Might skip on the men’s dress robes, though; they can be a bit dodgy.) I can’t imagine any guest would object to getting a wand as a gift. Of course, if you keep the butterbeer flowing, they won’t object to much of anything, which is good news for you! Amid the revelry, servers push carts of candied wonders through the tent, asking guests if they’d like anything from the trolley, and then it’s time to get your Yule Ball on, you bumbling band of baboons.

The Night Circus


The Night Circus’ color scheme is luscious and lovely from top to bottom, with its black-and-white motif. Pops of red accent the scenery of your outdoor tents—as well as the guests, decked out in the red scarves of rêveurs. Guests enter past an exquisitely crafted ebony clock and find their tarot card–marked places, as they await the bride and bowler-hatted groom.

Jurassic Park

Who says a wedding has to be lavish and girly? Assuming you don’t have the flow to genetically re-create your own dinosaurs, there’s always the option of holding your event in a museum. There’s nothing more romantic than fossils—bonus points if the rings are presented in prehistoric amber. You’ll want to make sure wedding attendees don’t stray too far from the main attraction, because THERE ARE RAPTORS IN THE KITCHEN. (This couple had the right idea.)

Ready Player One

As if your 8-bit wedding invitations weren’t enough, when Player One and Player Two say I do, there won’t be a dry eye in the Stacks. Seriously, though, a Ready Player One-inspired wedding gives you an excuse to go full gamer. Space Invaders cupcakes! Arcade games lining the reception hall! Undesirable family members falling down big green pipes! Maybe not that last one, but you can have a quote-along with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

What’s your dream literary wedding theme?

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