The Best Specialty Games, Hobbies & Collectibles of the Season

Everyone, including big kids and adults, deserves something fun to play with on Christmas morning. When it’s cold outside and you’ve got a whole lazy day ahead of you, there’s nothing like games and collectibles to fill the peaceful hours.

Meccano Empire State Building (B&N Exclusive!)
Builders big and small will have a blast assembling one of America’s most famous monuments, the Empire State Building. This exciting set has almost 1,000 metal parts and comes with two tools, all adding up to a finished model that will tower at 56 centimeters. For ages eight and up.

Meccano Big Ben (B&N Exclusive!)
Bring a little piece of London home with this beautiful Big Ben structure. Building it is only half the fun—proudly showing off your handiwork will impress all your holiday visitors’ mittens off. Over 1,000 real metal parts and two real tools are included in the kit, and the model will stand at 60 centimeters. For ages eight and up.

Scrabble Deluxe Onyx Edition (B&N Exclusive!)
America’s favorite word game gets a classy makeover with the Scrabble Deluxe Onyx Edition. Made for the serious player, it features a sleek rotating board and stylish black and silver accents. A timer full of black sand will keep everyone on track, and a black velvet tile pouch adds a touch of class to this timeless game. There’s also a silver-accented scorebook with official score sheets. Bonus: Throw in a copy of The Official SCRABBLE Player’s Dictionary to complete the set.

Chess Deluxe Edition (B&N Exclusive!)
Whether you know a youngster ready to start learning the game, or someone who’s already mastered it, this deluxe wooden chess set makes for a thoughtful gift that will be treasured forever. It folds and latches shut for neat storage, holding all its well-crafted pieces inside. The duo-tone inlaid wood board is a handsome vessel for any game.

MetalEarth Black Pearl
The fictional ship in Pirates of the Caribbean is based on this historical beauty, which was captained by pirate Henry Morgan in the 1600s. This easy-to-build model beautifully replicates that ship, to the delight of film and history buffs alike. The set starts with 4-inch steel sheets that are popped out, bent, and connected to create a stunning 3D piece.

Family game night will be even wilder when you add a Linkee twist to your regular trivia game. Teams answer four questions, then figure out what the answers have in common to win a card. The team with the most cards wins! It’s simple and fun, and it’s the kind of gift that will bring everyone together around the kitchen table.

Doctor Who Replica Sonic Screwdriver
Up-to-date Doctor Who fans will be ready to replace their old sonic screwdrivers with the latest, an updated replica of the multipurpose tool carried by the Twelfth Doctor. It now has one button instead of two, and comes complete with spring-loaded extending action and sound and light effects.

Funko Reaction Collection
It’s a collector’s dream—toys based on modern movies and television shows styled in an old-school way, a la Kenner’s 1977 Star Wars figurines. The models really capture the vintage spirit of action figures of yesteryear, and the collection has some fresh, new characters that work well in this fun mashup style, like Marty McFly, The Bride of Frankenstein, Sloth from The Goonies, and more.

Munchkin Legends Deluxe
If you’re looking for a lighter version of a role-playing game, try Munchkin Legends, a card and dice game with a big sense of humor. Each player starts out as a “level 1 human with no class,” and must work toward becoming Epic by killing monsters, looting for treasure, looking for trouble, cheating, and stealing stuff from other players with a variety of dungeon, spell, fairy dust, treasure, and door cards. A quick shuffle through the deck reveals “Johnny Zucchiniseed” and “Boots of Butt-Kicking” cards. This is not your average card game!

Krosmaster: Arena
In this player-vs.-player board game, opponents build teams of warriors in any way they choose, either with a point system, a draft, or at random. The warriors meet in an arena where, based upon their strengths, they will either emerge victorious or be squashed by the competition. We can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas morning than facing off against your Uncle Morris’s team of warriors. Gift this on Christmas morning, and get your whole family to join in the fun.

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