The Most Annoying People In Your Book Club

Book clubs are a great way to meet new people and forge lasting friendships. Yet there’s always that one member who rubs everyone the wrong way. Do you recognize any of these people from your own book club?

The Skimmer. Like a high schooler the night before a book report is due, The Skimmer anxiously flips through the pages of Wuthering Heights in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting. Once there, The Skimmer makes vague remarks like, “that Heathcliff sure is a complex guy,” before passing the conversation along to another member.

The Snob. The Snob has read everything worth reading. Her tastes are exquisite. She never misses an opportunity to share these facts with her fellow members, nor does she hesitate to quote Proust on a moment’s notice. She is, in a word, insufferable.

The Dominator. All discussion runs through The Dominator. Like the guy on the plane who shares his cell phone conversation with everyone, The Dominator must be heard. Whether it’s interrupting someone else’s thoughts on Unbroken, or constantly steering the conversation away from the book and toward his kids, this member of your book club will never let you get a word in edgewise.

The Silent Type. This person might be strong, but she is always silent. She refuses to weigh in on class dynamics in The Help. She never praises Carol’s mind-blowing guacamole. She never volunteers any opinion whatsoever. Other members crave The Silent Type’s input, but she provides only blank stares and head nods.

The Outsider. You know who you are. You’ve come for the free food and stayed for the wine. You’re not even a member of the book club! You’re just friends with The Dominator, which is convenient, because you expect him to do all of the talking.

The Raincloud. The Raincloud makes everyone reach for the Prozac. Sylvia Plath is upbeat in comparison. She calls it existentialism; you call it depressing. If you ever wanted to uncover the hidden darkness within Bossypants, The Raincloud will be your guide.

Which types did we miss?



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