The Pioneer Woman Boxed Set (B&N Exclusive)

Sassy, salty, and just plain lovable, Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) is exactly the kind of chef you want to pal around with while cooking dinner. One Pioneer Woman cookbook just isn’t enough, which is why we’re so delighted by this B&N Exclusive boxed set, comprising The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays and The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Foods from My FrontierHere are a few of the many types of cooks who will benefit from a dose of Ree in the kitchen:

Holiday cooks
The concept of a cookbook that gives you recipes for holidays throughout the year is simply brilliant. Many of even the most indifferent cooks spring to life around the holidays, a mad gleam in their eyes as they contemplate dusting off the oven in order to cook elaborate family feasts and bake delicious treats. Cooking is just more fun during the holidays, and whether you’re making Watermelon Sangria for the Fourth of July, or Christmas Rum Cake, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays has got you covered when it comes to main dishes, drinks, and desserts (there are 19 recipes for Thanksgiving alone!). Best of all, once The Pioneer Woman’s holiday cookbook has lured holiday-weather cooks into the kitchen, its companion, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Foods from My Frontier, might just make them want to stay there year-round.

The story behind The Pioneer Woman is a relatable fish-out-of-water tale. After escaping her quiet Oklahoma hometown and living in the big city of Los Angeles for years, Drummond met and fell in love with a country boy during a brief visit home, and before she could say “valet parking” she found herself living on a working cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere. Friends and family who have been through similarly huge moves or transitional periods will appreciate The Pioneer Woman’s spirited outlook, the way her recipes are peppered with hilarious asides and anecdotes, and her knack for handling the curveballs life has thrown at her with grace and humor.

Those who love a good down home meal—but also like to dress it up now and then
There’s no question that Drummond’s scrumptious yet straightforward recipes, from White Chicken Enchiladas to Coffee Cream Cake, are perfect, satisfying comfort food. Cooks who are looking for some solid, family-friendly meals that can be made again and again should look no further than The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier. But there are also recipes for meals that take things just this side of fancy—from Osso Bucco, to Rib-Eye Steak with Onion-Blue Cheese sauce. Dress things up, or dress them down with The Pioneer Woman; just don’t expect to have many leftovers.

Fans of the Pioneer Woman
This might seem a tad obvious, but friends and family who have expressed admiration for The Pioneer Woman—perhaps from her amazingly popular website, or her hit show on The Food Network—will adore this box set. Getting recipes from television and the internet is all well and good, but there is nothing like thumbing through an actual cookbook and knowing it’s always there for you on your bookshelf.

You, dear reader
That’s right: even if none of the conditions above apply to you, why not treat yourself to a pair of cookbooks that are going to serve you in good stead for years to come? Think of them as a gift that will allow you to cook wonderful meals for your loved ones. And if you get them now, imagine all the delightful holiday recipes they will add to your arsenal in the holiday-heavy months to come. (Hello, Halloween Popcorn Balls!)

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