The Weirdest Reading Quirks You’ve Ever Heard

quirkDid you think you were the only one who reads the last paragraph of every chapter before you read a book? Below, a list of the craziest reading habits we’ve come across. Can you top them? What’s yours?

1) Reading the last paragraph of the entire book first. (Because you enjoy wondering what it means until the end, and when you finally get there, it all makes sense. You can’t recreate that A-ha feeling!)

2) First reading page 105, then 205, then 305…until you run out of -05 pages. (Because you’re neurotic.)

3) Reading the last page halfway through the book. (Because you just can’t wait any longer.)

4) Using a napkin as a bookmark. (You never know when there will be tears!)

5) No creases or dog ears or underlining during the first read; the first read is for getting to know the story and characters. The second read is for underlining!

6) Reading the acknowledgments first. (Make sure the author knows how to say “thank you” before you start reading their book!)

7) Thinking that finishing a book (or chapter) on an odd-numbered page is bad luck

8) Finding out the exact number of pages the book has before starting to read.

9) Putting a book open to your favorite passage under your pillow and sleeping on it overnight.

10) Crinkling and creasing the pages when you’re reading so that when you’re done reading, it looks like someone left the book out in the rain at a bus stop or something.

11) Reading the last paragraph of every chapter first.

12) Religiously finishing every book you start.

13) Keeping a detailed spreadsheet of every book you’ve read (including date started and finished, color-coded by type of book).

14) Writing all of the character names on an index card with a description (if there are a ton of them).

15) Start reading the book, then read the back after you’re already in.

16) If the cover of the book is disturbing, putting it in the closet while you’re sleeping.

17) Having to read every book twice because you always hate it the first time.

What’s your weird reading quirk?

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