Which Classic Children’s Book Character Are You?

Adults often return to classic children’s books for comfort and guidance in the midst of life’s grown-up problems. But what if you’re so lost you’re not sure what favorite character can guide you through these tumultuous days? Never fear, dear book nerd! Take our quiz to learn which children’s book character you are, and how you can channel your inner pint-sized fictional dynamo to save the day.

In the kitchen, you’re famous for:
A. Baking date cakes stuffed with dates straight from the calendar
B. Making mud pies
C. Concocting magic potions to cure whatever ails you
D. Gazing out the window and watching the sunset

If someone asks you to draw the drapes, your first thought is:
A. Better find a pencil
B. Could the culprit be hiding behind them?
C. What drapes? I live in an upside-down house.
D. What are drapes?

When you go camping, you:
A. Catch a fish with your bare hands. After all, that’s how you catch a baseball.
B. Observe where the closest ranger station is
C. Try not to stare at all the Slow-Eater-Tiny-Bite-Takers as they nibble on their s’mores
D. Gaze up at the night sky and think “home sweet home”

At the doctor’s office, you receive a prescription for:
A. Laughter yoga
B. Eyeglasses
C. A new cane
D. Anti-venom for snake bites

In school, you’re famous for:
A. Mixing up everything
B. Knowing all the answers
C. Giving kids a taste of their own medicine
D. Being the new kid

At the salon, you ask your hairstylist to:
A. Pin up your hair with safety pins
B. Be quick about it
C. Fluff your bun
D. Admire your golden curls

When you want to earn some extra money, you:
A. Open a lemonade sit (why should customers stand?)
B. Take on a new case
C. Start searching for the treasure your husband buried in the backyard
D. Offer to help the local lamplighter


If you got mostly As, you’re Amelia Bedelia, the beloved housekeeper! Stop taking things so very very literally, and you may find the world makes a whole lot more sense.

If you got mostly Bs, you’re Encyclopedia Brown, the famous boy detective! Be on the lookout for clues, and you’ll solve any problem that comes your way.

If you got mostly Cs, you’re Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, the kindly old woman who can outsmart any child! Marry a pirate, bake some cookies, and have a good laugh. You’re already perfect!

If you got mostly Ds, you’re The Little Prince, the tiny royal living in exile on a wee asteroid! Open your heart to a friend, and tame each other. Make your motto “Only connect,” to find peace.

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