“You Can Travel Anywhere & Never Be Alone”: Why We Love Being Book Nerds

Stack of books

After posting 7 Absolutely True Facts About Book Nerds, we asked our Facebook followers what they thought was the best part about being a book nerd. There were so many responses that made us feel all warm and fuzzy, we just had to share some of our favorites. Thanks for reminding us why we’re so happy to be a part of the exclusive (not really) club of hardcore (not really) book nerds!

“Long waits are never a big deal when you have something good to read!”—Celeste C.

“You don’t have to worry about losing power in a storm–if you’ve got books (and what book nerd hasn’t got PLENTY!), it doesn’t matter if you can’t get online!”—Melanie P.

“You can experience life from many perspectives, learn about the world and yourself. You can find comfort, companionship, education and entertainment in books. And, you can return as often as you wish.”—Laura M.

“You can travel anywhere, be anyone, do anything, and never be alone.”—Janet P.

“You get stares of equal parts awe and horror when people come to your house and see your shelves (and shelves, and shelves) of books. And your dearest wish for your children is that they are book nerds like you, justifying the fact that you saved all the books you’ve gotten since you were a kid.”—Aubrey W.

“You get to make hilarious inside jokes or really insightful references, and if just one person understands it around you, you have found someone awesome.”—Anna W.

“When the weather is nasty, you are home with good friends.”—Kimberly W.

“Being automatic friends with everyone else standing in line waiting for the author to sign your copy.”—Shelly H.

“Book nerds are never bored! There’s always another book to read…”—Kathleen D.

“Who needs movies when you’ve got one playing in your head as you read?”—Patricia H.

“When you go into a new house, you can start inspecting their bookcases and this will always provide subjects for interesting discussions.”—Freddy B.

“I get to go on adventures & vacations for free, without ever leaving home. I get to learn something new every day, expand my vocabulary, & broaden my mind.”—Crystal L.

“If your kids and husband are book nerds too, you can have so much ‘family fun’ in bookstores, libraries etc. And EVERYBODY is really having fun.”—Petra A.

“You have something to hand down through the generations.”—Donna J.

What’s your favorite thing about being a reader?

  • Nicole

    Being married to a fellow book nerd, I get to have date night at bookstores!

  • BelleZGamer

    I like being able to be a boy or a girl, depending on the POV. What, do you have a problem with bisexuals? *Glare worthy of a Slythendor*

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