Textbook Rentals Are No Longer Available

We're sorry, we no longer offer textbook rentals, but you can browse our selection of new and used textbooks here to meet your academic needs. Happy Studying!

Rental Return

FREE Return Shipping

Return shipping on rental textbooks is FREE using our easy-to-use UPS shipping labels. Simply print our rental return shipping label and packing slip, pack your rental books and return packing slip, and return them via UPS. You can find the UPS rental return shipping label in the "My Account" section of the site. For more information on how to return a rental textbook, visit our Customer Portal.

Rules of Renting

Textbook rentals allow us to reuse and recycle books. We hope that you return your rental textbook to us in a condition for someone else to reuse later. If the textbook is returned with excessive highlighting or writing, missing pages, and/or damaged spines or covers, you will be charged for the replacement of the book.

Return Policy

Decide to drop a class? Don't worry. Just send the rental book back within 21 days and you will get a full refund minus the $5 return fee.

Late Fees

If you don't return your book on time, we will automatically add a 15-day extension to your rental. If after that 15 day period you have still not returned the book to us, we will convert your rental into a purchase by charging you the difference.