Free Fridays: Long Time Coming + Missile Defender App


March 21, 2014: Today’s Free Fridays book selection is LONG TIME COMING by bestselling author, playwright, and motivational speaker Vanessa Miller. It’s a novel about faith, love, and redemption.

Deidre Clark-Morris is a faithful Christian who has everything she could dream of — except the children her heart longs for. Kenisha Smalls has lived in poverty all her life. She has three children by three different men and has just been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. While the meeting between these two women appears accidental, it becomes their catalyst of hope. Neither woman expects the blessing that God has in store for her.



March 21, 2014: Today’s Free Fridays app selection is MISSILE DEFENDER — a classic intergalactic battle game.

With the style of a classic ’80s arcade game, this fun app features  HD artwork, multi-touch controls, upgradable missiles, and endless levels of gameplay — without the oppressive fear of a real-world nuclear brinkmanship. If you enjoyed those old quarter-guzzlers back in the day, Missile Defender is sure to bring back great memories.



“I really love Michelle Stimpson’s work,” says Vanessa Miller, the author of our Free Fridays selection, LONG TIME COMING. “My favorite book by her is BOAZ BROWN. She has a down-to-earth way of writing and communicating love to her readers that warms my heart with each book that I read.”



  • RI_Mike

    No NEW free apps? I’m disappointed. (This game was offered free last June.)

    • Sheila

      For me the point is that I use to look forward to checking out the Free Friday selection because the offerings were so varied. Not now! it seems to have shrunk to mostly teen novels, sci-fi, faith-based story lines modern and historical romances all of which have plots seemingly pulled out of niche market hats. I’ve had a Nook for 2 year now and for the first year or so I was downloading something almost every week. Not any more. How about a good, intelligent novel that might appeal to a lot more people?

      • DJKuulA

        The variety offered by posters like spec were what made Free Fridays worth checking out for anyone not into romance or Christian fiction. If they’re going to delete those posts now, I probably won’t bother checking in again. I can download much more interesting stuff from the local library.

        • AmandaC_NOOK

          Hi DJKullA, I just wanted to let you know that the NOOK Team does not ever intentionally delete posts from spec and others; there have been times when such Comments get trapped in the Disqus “Spam” folder and I am personally staying on top of that — we know how much specs posts are valued by the community here. I hope you continue to come back for more Free Fridays!

          • DJKuulA

            Thanks, Amanda! That is good to know. 🙂

      • Stormii

        I’d like to say there are rarely any teen novels. Mostly just little kid stuff and romance, but whatever it’s free.

  • RedDay
    • Hannah Blessing

      Thank you!

  • Tara Fatzinger

    Seriously, what is the obsession with romance and sappy novels lately? There are so many more great literary genres to explore yet each week it’s another romance or romance-esque novel. I don’t mean to be the dog who bites the hand that feeds; especially since it is really great that Barnes and Noble offers a free book each week but I also thought the point of the Free Friday book was to introduce readers to new authors, series and genres that perhaps they might not have thought twice about normally. This often inspires readers to PURCHASE more books by said author or in said series.

    As someone who is really not a fan of romance novels, I’d really LOVE the opportunity to be introduced to more authors from different genres. Romance novels are boring. They’re pretty much all the same… boy meets girl. Boy and girl hate each other yet there is an unexplicable physical attraction that annoys the hell out of both of them. There is a stupid conflict of some sort in which both parties start to realize they are destined to be together but too self-loathing and self-depricating to just be honest with one another. Boy and girl eventually succumb to a night of unbridled, unrealisticly passionate sex and then hate themselves even more for one reason or another. The conflict comes to a head and is quickly resolved then suddenly, magically, boy and girl live happily ever after. If you’ve read one, you’ve read them all.

    Can we please *please* start seeing more diversity in the Free Friday books??

    • Becky Kessler

      Tara – This weeks selection is inspirational fiction, not a romance novel. Read the long description, don’t just look at the title and quick summary. While there have been several romance novels lately, I applaud B&N for giving us this selection.

      • N Lambert

        Unfortunately, the other genre B&N has been overdoing lately is “inspirational”, a.k.a. religious. If the Free Friday or Daily Find isn’t romance or religion, it’s religious romance. Today we have a two-fer: religious fiction for FF and religious romance for DF!
        I would love a good mystery or horror, or a science book right about now.

        • Becky Kessler

          You’re in luck…they just posted a Bonus Free Friday that is a sci-fi adventure!

      • Tara Fatzinger

        inspirational fiction falls into the “sappy” category I referenced above and is another genre that has been offered up ad nauseum on Free Fridays. It would be really nice to see some adventure, mystery, thriller, sci fi, horror, paranormal, classic literature offered up as well. Anything but romance or religious books. They are as tiresome as they are poorly written.

    • eym849 .

      I totally agree with you. The selections need to start changing or they will lose even more followers. Use to look forward to free fridays but that is slowly fading away. Come on start giving us different genres please. Not everyone likes romance, how about some mysteries, something that you can sink your mind into trying to figure out the who did it.

      • Joel Sutton

        Lose followers? We all come here to get something free. That’s like saying “If they don’t stop tossing out rye bread, the pigeons are going to leave.”

    • Greg Mills

      For the last two weeks they’ve had freebie “bonus” selections. This week is an interesting looking Sci-Fi novel. I don’t care if they want to give away sappy/romance books if they’re going to throw us secondary freebies in other genres on a regular basis. That’s great for the all of the romance fans AND the rest of us.

      • Tara Fatzinger

        Yes, that seems to be a nice happy medium.

        • AmandaC_NOOK

          Greg, Tara I do hope you enjoy the bonus Free Fridays book, WAKULLA SPRINGS — it’s a 2013 Nebula Award Finalist. Happy Friday, and happy reading!

          • Tara Fatzinger

            It sounds good, Amanda. Thank you! And I hope you don’t think I’m being ungrateful with my posts because I do appreciate the hard work that goes into selecting a free offering each week. I just feel like we could use a little more variety, that’s all; especially since there are so many wonderful literary genres available. It just seems a shame to be pigeonholed into one or two each week.
            By the way, how does the Free Friday selection process work?

          • AmandaC_NOOK

            Thanks for your interest in the process, Tara! Free Fridays is our way to introduce the NOOK community to new authors as well as highlight the past work of some of today’s most popular authors (and these books are offered as free only for a limited time). We’re continually working with different publishers to provide a rich variety of titles for the program, and absolutely take the community’s feedback under consideration when doing so. I hope you’ll keep coming back for more Free Fridays!

      • Kgirl

        Where are the bonus selections found?

    • Stararune m

      While I agree about a more diverse selection, did you even read the description? This is a christian novel about two women. One dying and one who wants children. One guides the other to the path of christianity while getting her dream come true of having children.
      Nothing romantic about that.

    • Kevin A. Smith

      You totally need to write that book you described. I would buy it in a heart beat 🙂

  • spec

    I’ll be posting my list in about 2 hrs.

    Missile defender already was free friday’s free app – Jun 14, 2013,

    • Lynnette

      I really enjoyed thsi book.

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  • Patricia Ann Boyd

    Last week I went to have downloaded a dozen good books. Like many of you I don’t read romance, vampire, werewolf books. That site lists books by genre and there’s a new list everyday. Just be sure to click Nook books because the lists are by device type.
    Good reading, everyone.

    • JRB

      Thank you Patricia!

  • Patricia Ann Boyd

    PS is like having Free Everydays instead of Free Fridays 😉

    • eReaderPerks

      Too funny! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Penelope Snopes

      You’re right Patricia ,, I get an email every day with selections so I don’t even have to do any work to find them! Could it get any easier, lol?

    • Deb. Scheidt is awesome. I have more books than I can possibly read..

  • Penelope Snopes

    Thanks for the book and app, and to all who contribute their time and thoughts here.

    “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.”
    — Albert Einstein

  • Margaret

    These books are free ~~~ like anything that is free or on sale it is generally what people don’t want or are out of style. Do you complain to Macy’s because the sale items are the same all the time? Be thankful Barnes & Noble is offering anything & that every once in awhile you are happy with their choice

  • Melissa

    I don’t usually get involved with complaining, but c’mon people! The book is FREE! You do not have to choose it!
    Besides, you do realize that it isn’t BN offering the book for free, right? That decision comes from the *Publisher*
    If I don’t like the selection, I just shrug and wait to see what’s offered next week. Not really a big deal, so why make it one?

  • Shanna Mower

    so much complaining around here. it’s free! give it a try or ignore it and come back next week. i have found many books that i normally wouldn’t have read because of free friday or just a free nook book in general. i have either been pleasantly surprised or given up after a chapter or two. no big deal because it was free.

  • Hannah Blessing

    Thank you! That book sounds amazing! We all need to reach out to others.

    Please come to my facebook page for lists of free Nook books.

    There is a lot to choose from, in several categories. Happy Free Fridays!

  • Alice Soefje

    Barnes and Noble offer the free books to attract readers to authors and hopefully buy additional books by that author or perhaps further series books. It is a marketing strategy. In any such strategy, they need input to see it the people they are targeting are responding favorably. If no complains then they will accept that everyone is satisfied. There is nothing wrong with saying that you are unhappy with the offerings. Perhaps people could be a little nicer about it, but how will B&N know what people want if they don’t say anything.

  • Kevin A. Smith

    Spec’s list – Was anyone able to grab it before it got deleted from these comments and post it to another site?

    • spec
      • AmandaC_NOOK

        spec, I checked the Spam folder to be sure, and no comments are trapped there — it looks like the URLs you may be trying to post are not sticking — possible to post your list another way while I look into it? Thanks!

      • Jane Kraft

        I wasn’t able to get your list either spec….and when I clicked on that link you posted, it brought me right back to this page. I don’t understand why B&N is now having a problem with the books you are posting. They didn’t seem to before…

  • Heather L

    First, I wish all the complainers would learn the difference between romance and Christian fiction — last week’s was romance, today’s offering is the latter. Yes, there is also Christian romance, but this particular book seems some Christian fiction — the difference being less romance, more religion, and the tendency to follow multiple characters instead of one heroine and one hero. Personally, if I want to be preached at in my reading, I’ll open the Bible, but I know others do like it.
    Second, like it or not people, romance is the top-selling genre. That is fact, not supposition. You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to download a book just because it’s free, but please refrain from disparaging those who DO like and read it. Personally, I’ve found that romance readers tend to be more open-minded and read across other genres more than readers in any other genre.
    Third, there have been weeks at a times when science fiction, fantasy or fic lit have been heavily posted. They even had children’s li a couple weeks in a row. It might be nice if there was a better mix, but that’s the way life is. It’s free, so what is there really to complain about?

    • mbanzdj

      How transparently rude! This was the only disparaging post I’d seen so far. Is this the proper time and place for soapbox rants about other readers and what their reading tastes say about THEM? All while wrapped in the mantle of “openmindedness”? NO! Just because something is “free” (an insult, say,…) does not mean it is justified or acceptable.
      Thanks to anyone who has managed to post other free book recommends. Always appreciate them!

      • phoebe

        Not sure what you find rude. The only opinion about readers she gave was that from her _personal_ experience romance readers are more open-minded. A complement to those people, not a put down to anyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you seem to be the only one making a personal comment about someone. (PS. This is the comment section, hence her comment is in the right place)

        • mbanzdj

          I simply don’t care if a dig is “subtle” (cloaked in the imaginary safety of “_personal_opinion”). This is not the place for digs, subtle or otherwise. That this is a comment section in no way implies that “all bets are off”. There are always rules or guidelines meant to be respected by all participants, and “entitlement” even within the framework of “free speech” is a mirage. No one has a 100% guarantee (entitlement) that ANY or ALL of their speech is protected. A complaint about offensive speech is given protection that cannot be assumed by that which provoked it. So while everyone may be entitled to their opinion (in fact there is no known or desirable mechanism for controlling it) that IN NO WAY implies that they are entitled to express it in a public forum if it breaks rules, guidelines or laws put in place so that other people, who have an equal right to it, have access to protection from offensive or bigoted speech.

          I don’t understand why it is so difficult to understand that posts containing disparaging comments about PEOPLE is unacceptable while those about inanimate object such as books and their genres are well within the purview of the blog. One thing I can say about the person who kicked the entire thread off is that she, at least, understood this rather uncontroversial concept, something I can’t say for her ” supporters”. Unfortunately she made the blunder of crossing the line she herself had drawn on the sand, after claiming an insult had been made of readers of the Romance genre (an unsupported claim and one I have tried and failed to uncover myself amongst the entirety of all the posts preceding hers) which she felt entitled her to a whinge and to create an arbitrary division between readers of the Romance genre and everyone else, not so subtly suggesting that the former had positive personal attributes (again solely based on the genres of books they prefer!) lacking in the latter (ie. they are, in contrast, closeminded, a rather sweeping, unkind comment, whether based on _personal_opinion or not.) Being unkind, judgmental and offensive, the comment had the unintended effect of proving itself wrong. That, however, is no excuse.

          • phoebe

            What exactly did you find objectionable? You have ranted on for several paragraphs without even once mentioning it. Where is the supposed slight to non-romance readers? Several commenters have replied to _your_ post asking this question which you continue to dodge. You are the only person that has commented as offended, so I am concluding that it is just you. The only person coming close to crossing lines is you and your personal attacks.

      • cjdove

        Not sure if you actually read her comments, but she was not even close to being rude. The only comment I saw attacking anyone seems to be yours?

        • mbanzdj

          “Personally I’ve found that romance readers tend to be more openminded…..”

          Sorry girls but this is a forum in which we are encouraged to post about books, not slag off other readers with sweeping generalisations meant to set two “groups” (her creations) against one another (romance readers, and everybody else). Considering she was the first and only poster to drift from the subjects of books and book genres to the people that read them, her complaints, such as the following which was a product of her imagination or more cynically a device (called a strawman) intended to excuse her own “disparaging” of people who don’t read within the Romance genre, amounted to nothing but unsupported accusations that OTHERS were doing something very rude, but of which she alone was truly guilty. This bit:

          “please refrain from disparaging those who DO like and read it. ”

          posted without a single piece of evidence it had actually happened (because there was none), was then followed by material I’ve quoted at the very beginning of my post – disparaging comments AND a claim of superiority! THAT WAS RUDE and that you claim not to see it forces me to conclude that you are in agreement with her strawman and claims. It’d be a pity if others followed suit and chose to turn this forum about books into one about the people who read them. There are other, more suitable sites/fora for that sort of juvenility. Pursued here it would go against the spirit of the blog, which is one of support for those who love to read, period, and persistent attacks against other readers based on what genres they read and creating an imagined hierarchy of superiority/inferiority based on those preferences will no longer be afforded a personal response and opportunity to retract, clarify or apologise, but would instead simply generate official complaints.

          Good try, though, insinuating that a response to an offensive post is more offensive than the one that provoked it – classic victim blaming. Raise the bar, maybe?

          • phoebe

            First if all, why don’t you leave the policing of offensive comments up to the moderators of this forum. If they don’t find it objectionable, which I’m assuming they don’t as they would respond themselves, then it’s considered to be a perfectly fine opinion.
            Second, you are the only one making personal statements. For example, you address the group of commenters here as “girls” which I am assuming is your way of talking down to a whole gender and age group.
            Leave off the personal attacks. You are a cyber bully not a “victim.”

  • marilyn

    Thanks for the free books. I think it is a good variety. I really enjoy the christian fiction.

  • Sonja Healey

    I agree with Tara. Many of us would like to read something else besides romance novels. Like she said, the point of offering these freebies is to get people to try books they might not have otherwise tried (which could lead to more sales in that genre), or to buy more books by a new author they discovered. Make no mistake, the freebies are intended as sales inducements – they are not being given away because the publishers have golden hearts. So as a consumer I would appreciate a wider selection of “free” books to choose from.

  • Bobbie

    Does Spec have his own blog?

    • Hannah Blessing

      Please see the reply I put on love2read29’s post. I gave her his B&N profile page, where you can see his latest postings. Please bookmark it!

  • mbanzdj

    Nothing wrong with making our reading preferences known. That is how the FF business model works. Personally I haven’t DLed a FF book in weeks and would prefer more variety. Christian and/or Romance just happen to be the only genres this easy to please reader just isn’t into. I’ll happily read Non-fiction: history, biography, politics etc. in addition to almost any well written fiction. Behind another trend, again. Oh well.

  • JT1969

    Also try for other free reads!

  • love2read29

    Does anyone have specs web site. I got on it last week but forgot to bookmark it. Also where id butterfly13?

    • Hannah Blessing

      This is Spec’s profile on Barnes & Noble. Just please don’t post on those threads, unless it’s to tell people about a free book that you’ve found. The links are only for that. The No OT means ‘no off topic.’ So, if you want to thank Spec, please do that here. Please bookmark!

  • lg924

    Afteri bought my nooks i could not wait for FF. I would download 5 – 6 books a week by BN selection and the guest posts. Which resulted in buying additional books of the various authors. Now i have no desire to visit this site between the problems navigating and the one genre book selection and the missing guest posts. Last few weeks i download maybe a total of 2-4 books, and have not purchased any books from the new authors listed.
    Is BN trying get rid of the Nook? I have friends that own KINDLES and they are raving about the new Kindles and the huge book selections. Which i use to do and rave about FF. Recently i dont even mention FF to my kindle friends or to people who ask me about my Nook.
    I know about the search books by putting on $0.00 and the genre but the bulk is garbage and i dont want to spend hours going thru 1000+ titles hoping to find a good read. That is why i HAD enjoyed FF, now i leave disappointed.
    BN if you want to end FF or stop making tne Nook lets us know so we dont waste our time visiting this one genre site and if you are getting out of the ereader business let us know so we can buy a kindle.

    • commentary42

      If you have the nook hd tablet you can dowload the Kindle app. I buy and read both. Prices used to be the same but Amazon almost always beats nook now. I have hundreds of books now with both sellers.

      • lg924

        No unfortunately I have the Nook Color and Nook thats B&W reader only. With the way they are treating us I will not buy another Nook until things improve starting with this site and the FF selection.

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  • Aimee Gossman

    I like light reading. My life is hectic enough.

  • John

    I don’t always care for the selection posted on “Free fridays” but It dosen’t mean I go into freak out mode over it. Just keep looking,spec almost always has something for everyone posted. I’d be lost without his additions. Also If you have a Library card you can check books out from your local library. I do it all the time and it’s great! Never have to worry about late fees because they automatically are returned after the checkout period is up.

  • carla

    Sign up for BookBub and get a free book everyday.

  • Lisa

    I also don’t usually feel the need to rain on someone else’s whiny wagon, but seriously, has any one of you considered that if you type in $0.00 on the search bar, you get somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.9 million (yes that’s MILLION) titles. Maybe your time could be more productive scrolling thru that list instead of complaining about 1 book that you aren’t even required to read.

  • Donna Lawson

    Well, has it finally happened? Has all the whining and complaining brought about the demise of Free Fridays?