In This Together: How Successful Women Support Each Other in Work and Life

by Nancy D O'Reilly



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ISBN-13: 9781507208847
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 01/01/2019
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 659,340
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Nancy D. O’Reilly, PsyD, is an author of Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life and urges women to connect to help each other create a better world. As a licensed psychologist, motivational speaker, and women’s empowerment expert, O’Reilly helps women create the satisfying and purposeful lives they want to benefit themselves, their families, and their communities. She is the founder of Women Connect4Good, a foundation which empowers women to participate in social-profit activities and improve their careers, finances, health, and relationships.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 13

Preface 15

Introduction. It's About Power 17

Part 1 Using Women's Strengths to Advance 21

Chapter 1 Women Win When We Support Each Other 23

Why Are We in This Together? 24

Womens Strengths, Power, and Leadership 25

Why Women Are Slow to Claim Our Power 28

"Power To" versus "Power Over" 31

Relationships Help Women Advance 33

Women Tend and Befriend 34

Women Leaders Seek Change 36

Women's Unique Leadership Role 37

Find Your Support Group 40

Chapter 2 How Bias Works Against Equality 41

Fact: We All Have Biases 42

Where Gender Stereotypes Come From 43

Types of Sexism 48

When Women Had Power 54

Making Privilege Visible 58

Working in a Bias-Free Workplace 65

Recognizing and Reducing the Impact of Bias 66

Chapter 3 Define Each Other As Leaders 69

Women's Strengths Improve the Workplace 69

When Women Work Together, Change Happens 73

Judgments That Hold Women Back 76

Women Leaders Work to Help Each Other 85

Chapter 4 What You Can Say and Do 93

Build Your "Power To" 93

How to Advocate for Others 96

Help Others Overcome Self-Doubt 97

Build Strategic Relationships via Networking 99

Work Toward a Bias-Free Workplace 102

What to Say When You Hear Hurtful Comments 106

Work for Equal Pay 110

Chart Your Course 111

Successful Women Advance and Earn More 115

Part 2 Unwinding your Twisted Sisters 119

Chapter 5 What Makes Women Mean? 121

Types of Relational Aggression 122

Motives and Methods for Meanness 124

How to Combat Relational Aggression 128

Enablers Enforce "Power Over" 129

When Women Oppress Women 131

Mutual Support Combats Bullying 132

Coping with Cliques 135

Make Business Case to Correct Bullying 135

Chapter 6 Support The Woman, Ban The Bully 137

Stop Meanness at Work 137

Define Boundaries to Stop Bullying 141

Improve Communication at Work 142

Grow a Supportive Community 143

Cultivate Respect 145

Difficulties with a Woman Boss 146

When You Need to Walk Away 148

Chapter 7 What You Can Say and Do 151

Help Women Advance 152

Resolve Conflicts with Constructive Confrontation 152

How to Cope with Mean Women 155

Communicate for Results 159

How to Heal a Toxic Culture 164

Build a Culture of Gratitude 169

Part 3 Eliminating Harassment and Violence 171

Chapter 8 Let's End Sexual Harassment 173

Complicated Human Relationships 174

Sex and Gender 174

Recognition of Harassment As a Crime 176

Toxic Masculinity 180

Who Encounters Sexual Harassment at Work? 182

How Sexual Harassment at Work Used to Be Handled 188

How Sexual Harassment at Work Is Handled Today 189

Better Brave: Resources for Harassed Women 190

Chapter 9 Cultivating Men As Allies 193

Equality Is a Win-Win Proposition 194

Why We Need Men As Allies 195

Men Who Are Not Aware There is a Problem 196

Getting Men to Support Women 197

How to Communicate with Male Allies 198

The Potential Impact of Millennials 200

How Allies Can Help 202

Celebrate Your Allies 204

Chapter 10 What You Can Say and Do 205

Establish Your Leadership 206

Amplify Through the Media 207

Speak Up to Challenge Disrespect 208

Teach Men How to Treat Women 208

Clueless Coworker 210

Hostile Coworker with Bias 212

Have Conversations That Matter 213

The Importance of Listening 213

Adapt Communication Style 214

Managing Interruptions 216

Change the Culture 216

Write It Down 217

Ask Questions and Listen 218

Praise the Guys Who Get It 219

Get Men to Advocate 220

Chapter 11 Let's Do This 223

Living Through a Watershed Moment 224

Politics Is a Job 225

Women Use Their "Power To" Make Change 225

Abundance, Not Scarcity 227

Progress and Pushback 228

Getting to Inevitable 229

Setting Up a Women's Group 230

Rewards of Connecting 232

Getting Unstuck 233

Practice Joy and Gratitude 233

Selected Bibliography 235

Index 249

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