One Day in December

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by Josie Silver



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ISBN-13: 9780525574682
Publisher: Crown/Archetype
Publication date: 10/16/2018
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 30
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

JOSIE SILVER is an unashamed romantic who met her husband when she stepped on his foot on his twenty-first birthday. She lives with him, her two young sons, and their cats in a little town in England called Wolverhampton.

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I’m three glasses of white in and definitely very relaxed when Sarah finds me and literally drags me from the kitchen by the hand.

Excerpted from "One Day in December"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Josie Silver.
Excerpted by permission of Crown/Archetype.
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Reading Group Guide

1. How would you describe the connection Laurie felt upon first seeing Jack? How do you think he perceived her when he saw her from the bus stop? Have you ever felt a similar connection with someone?

2. Why didn’t Laurie tell Sarah that Jack was the person she’d been looking for?

3. How similar are Laurie and Sarah? In what ways do their personalities differ? Which character do you identify with?

4. Why do you think Jack doesn’t admit to Laurie that he remembers her from the bus stop?

5. Should Sarah have noticed the tension between Laurie and Jack?

6. Is it realistic for Laurie and Jack to try to be friends considering their feelings for each other? Why do you think they try so hard to remain friendly?

7. How does Laurie’s relationship with Oscar compare to her relationship with Jack? Is it possible for her to love them both simultaneously?

8. On page 209 Laurie notes that she’s been conflicted about “how much information constitutes the truth, how much omission constitutes lying.” Do you think she’s lying to Oscar and/or Sarah considering what she hasn’t revealed to each of them?

9. Laurie describes the flowers Jack sends her as “lush and extravagant . . . but then in the shortest time they’re not very lovely at all. They wilt and they turn the water brown, and soon you can’t hold on to them any longer.” Do any of her relationships also fit this description?

10. How does Laurie cope with loss, in terms of family members, romantic interests, and friends?

11. By the end of the story both Laurie and Jack have grown and changed significantly. How do these changes affect their relationship?

12. How do Laurie’s New Year’s resolutions evolve through the years?

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One Day in December 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 36 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
The best book in a very long time
Anonymous 15 days ago
Loved it! Heartwarming tearjerker, couldn't put it down.
Anonymous 3 days ago
Kind of a romp. Light reading. Silly. Fun. Very Bridget Jones.
Anonymous 7 days ago
Anonymous 7 days ago
It was just ok. I cannot see how anyone could cry over this book. Predictable
Candice_S 8 days ago
I am not normally a romanc/chick lit reader, but this was the December pick for my book club and I am SO GLAD it was! This book totally stole my heart - I loved everything about it. I loved the slight craziness of the scenario, the complexity and flawed nature of the characters, the tension, the love, the twists. It was all amazing. I blew through this one in literally one afternoon because I NEEDED to know what happened. It was the perfect mix of funny, heartbreaking and heartwarming and I wish it never had to end. I enjoyed it SO MUCH and would absolutely recommend picking it up as some easy and lovely winter reading!
Anonymous 10 days ago
Anonymous 11 days ago
Just finished, and loved every bit of this. It’s for everyone who believes in love.
Anonymous 12 days ago
I don't think I've ever cried reading a book before this one. This is the best story I've read in a very long time!
Anonymous 12 days ago
I didn't want this book to end. I loved it from the very first page all the way until the end.
9328424 14 days ago
I received and Advanced Reader Copy. I am voluntarily leaving a review. This book is about a woman, who spies a man at a bus stop and they have a moment. She spends the next year trying to find the man, but to no avail...until the day her best friend and roommate introduces her to her new boyfriend, Jack. Yes, it is the man from the bus stop. The book covers the question, what do you do when your friend is dating the man you thought you were destined for. Ten years of friendships, misunderstandings, relationships and breakups and what ifs. You will be laughing, crying and yelling at this book. An enjoyable read.
Book_and_recipe_Examiner 16 days ago
Single, sarcastic girl makes eye contact across a crowded bus station with handsome boy, and wishes she got off the bus and got his number. Then the girl—Laurie—spends the next year searching for him in every pub in London. A year later at a Christmas party, Laurie’s best friend, Sarah, brings home Jack, the boyfriend she’s been talking about for ages, and of course, it’s Mr. bus stop. Instead of coming clean, they both decide to squash their feelings for each other and get along as friends, because they really, deeply love Sarah and just want her to be happy. With all the awkward hilarity we adore in a romantic comedy, as well as gripping, heartbreaking drama for characters struggling to fulfill their dreams, One Day in December will keep you as obsessed with the story as the characters are with wine and their strange sandwiches made of cranberry, chicken, blue cheese, and mayo— the Delancey Street Special. This book is a clever span across a decade into the lives of three intimate friends, who grow together and apart, because “sometimes you just meet the right person at the wrong time.” For discussion questions, similar reads, and a recipe of Chocolate Cranberry Cupcakes with easy Chocolate Mousse Frosting, visit
Anonymous 17 days ago
Such a cute read. I want more!
Anonymous 17 days ago
Anonymous 18 days ago
First off, this story starts off as the most realistic ‘love at first sight’ story. What I mean by that, is how much more realistic can you get than seeing someone who takes your breath away, makes you think you’ve found your soulmate, and then never see them again but their gorgeous face be in the back of your mind? I was so tired of predictable works of fiction that I’ve been scared to buy new books and resort to rereading the ones I already have. But not this one. The author doesn’t span this over a couple of days time, or give the characters only a month to fall in love and ride off into the sunset together. No. She gives us (the readers) YEARS of these characters lives. Almost 10 years of reading how these characters go through life, the heartache they face, the happy memories everyone shared, and the life lessons that you too can learn from, and it’s written so beautiful that you feel like you’ve been with them in person through it all. Even if I could, I wouldn’t have wanted to put this book down. Honestly I want to write more and more about how much I love this book but it’s late, I’m emotional from the story itself, and to be honest I’m probably going to start reading it all over again.
DeediReads 18 days ago
I picked this book up because in case you haven’t noticed, everybody and their mother read it this month. It was catchy and sweet and surprisingly relatable. I sandwiched it between a couple of heavier books. It was a great lightweight read for winter. We start with Laurie, who lives with her best friend Sarah in London and is working part time at a hotel while she works toward a career in magazines. She’s on the way home, sitting on the upper level of one of London’s red busses, when she spots a guy waiting below. They make eye contact and it’s electric, but he can’t get on before it pulls away. She and Sarah search for him everywhere they go, but to no avail. Then Sarah starts dating a guy, and by the time Laurie finally meets him, Sarah is head over heels and has half-jokingly declared that she fully expects to marry him someday. Yep, it’s the guy from the bus. Jack. Now Laurie has to try to not be in love with him, because she wants to be a good friend. But she is in love with him. And he’s in love with Sarah, to be sure, but he also kind of loves Laurie without quite knowing it. We get ten years of their story, flipping between Laurie and Jack’s perspectives. During those ten years, all three characters go through major life events, love, loss, the whole nine yards. Now Jack is a little bit of a jerk, especially in the beginning, and I’m not sure that Josie Silver goes quite far enough to convince us that he’s not a jerk anymore. But the feeling that he’s heading in the right direction is there, at least. And I’m not one for love triangles, ever, but she somehow did a great job of getting me to root for all three characters and really feel invested in the outcome. I wasn’t sure how I was going to possibly be satisfied with the ending, but I was. (Well, almost. I could have done with another chapter or two to revel in the happiness.) This was a fun, light, feel-good read. Perfect if you’re in a reading slump or looking for something that feels watching a rom-com movie: Not the world’s greatest piece of art, but a fun escape from reality that leaves you feeling good.
Anonymous 19 days ago
This book is full of satisfying moments, but wildly unpredictable. Just when you think you've got it figured out, the author surprises you. But in the end, it's just what you'd hope for in a book. Complex, but straightforward and satisfying.
nikkimo85 19 days ago
I wanted to like this book; I saw so many positive reviews on it from Book Club of the Month members, so I quickly and enthusiastically bought it and got to reading it. I love the bare-bones idea of fated lovers and the journey life takes them through on their way to each other, but the execution fell very short for me. I felt that the two main characters, Laurie and Jack, had the same narrative voice; there wasn't much distinguishing their characters from each other. The character development also gave me a hard time in visualizing and connecting to Laurie and Jack; they always felt like an idea to me rather than "real people". I felt like an outsider that was watching them from a a neighbor spying on them for a decade. If anything, Sarah and Oscar were more distinct & I was able to imagine them and connect better with them (to me, Oscar was the most solid character, which is saying a lot). The way the narration/story line is set up is ridiculously predictable (even though we know Laurie & Jack will end up together); like, the author makes it eye-rollingly obvious what is going to happen next, to the point that the characters behave in ridiculous ways just to make the plot magically fit into the end-goal of the characters ending up together. Nothing felt nuanced to me. The "means" didn't feel like it justified the "ends." The way Laurie (specifically) narrates is like she's justifying everything Jack does just because they're supposed to end up together in the end. For instance, (SPOILER AHEAD), when Laurie visits Jack to check up on him a while after his accident (as requested by Sarah), and he rips the necklace, given to her by Oscar, from her neck (even if on accident), Laurie made every excuse to make Jack's behavior acceptable (like, 'Oh, he didn't mean it. He's just in a rough place. He's not well.' ...etc.), but his behavior, no matter what he was going through, was not acceptable & was even bullying and walking the line of physical harm towards Laurie. My issue was that Laurie made excuses, Jack never apologized, and they just carried on as if nothing happened. They never talk through and resolve any behavioral issues in this book. The same issue can be applied to Sarah and Laurie's fall-out with each other; they never truly discuss anything & in the end, they just sweep it under the rug and carry on as if nothing significant happened. Ultimately, I, personally, had way too many issues with a lot of aspects in this story -the characters, how they narrated, and just how the story was set up. I didn't feel like I was on this decade-long journey of growth with them; rather, I felt like a really good meet-cute and journey of fate was spoiled by characters that never truly matured in life to justify ending up together the way they did.
Anonymous 20 days ago
This novel has received a good deal of attention, including being selected for Reese Witherspoon's book club. It is the story of Laurie and Jack, their friends and families. It is a story of a romance that may or may not go to a happy ending. It is definitely one in which the course of true love "never did run smooth." If you enjoy light, romantic fiction you might want to join the many who have read this title. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the e-galley. The opinions are my own.
Mirdy 3 months ago
Wonderful holiday read.... I would say this novel is an upgrade from chic lit, as there is a much deeper, complex plot with a somewhat predictable ending. However, I read this in less than a week and felt rather warm and satisfied when I turned the last page. I couldn't help thinking this would make a fantastic film. This novel is packed with characters, relationships, and major life events however the story is mot overly complex but rather simple without being cheesy or overdone. Easy read, and perfect for the holidays.
Anonymous 3 months ago
dld701 3 months ago
Definitely for romantics and chic-lit lovers. A sweet story.
MamaHendo 3 months ago
On her way home from work on a particularly miserable December day, Laurie is staring out of the window of her overly crowded bus when she locks eyes with a handsome stranger waiting on the bench at the bus stop. All at once she is overwhelmed with a sudden urge to rush off the bus and meet him. Clearly feeling the same she sees him get up and rush towards the bus as it begins to pull away. He is left standing on the side of the road and Laurie left wondering if she will ever see “bus boy” again. Over the next year Laurie and her best friend Sarah keep their eyes peeled for the mystery man anytime they are out with no luck. Sarah however has managed to snag a new dreamy boyfriend that she has fallen head over heels for. She can’t wait to introduce him to Laurie at their annual Christmas party, only Laurie has already seen him before. Sarah’s new boyfriend is none other than “bus boy” who’s name turns out to be Jack. Neither Jack or Laurie decide to tell Sarah about their previous meeting leaving an unsettled chemistry between the three. “One Day in December” follows the trio over a decade and changes perspective between Jack and Laurie. This is a quick, lovely story was the perfect escape from the holiday crazies. I really didn’t want it to end and actually shut the book with a smile on my face. Pick this book up for your holiday break!
Anonymous 4 months ago
What a great read. I read this book in less that five hours, and let me tell you I didn't think i needed a modern day version of a Cult Classic Hugh Grant film turned book. But I did, these characters grow on you so much that you will be begging to know what happens in the end. A must read for any Hallmark Christmas Movie Lovers.
Valerian70 4 months ago
This is a good mix of love story and a reflection on family and friendship. I did enjoy the book but it didn't really ignite that spark for me. Whether this was because of the characters or the situation I'm not really sure but somehow it all felt a little bit "style over substance" for me and I found that I couldn't really connect with the characters or their situations. Laurie and Sarah are a strange mix for best friends, very much portrayed as complete opposites in more or less everything. Laurie is unlucky in love and is searching desperately for Bus Boy, her career is, to be polite, stalled and she appears to be close to her family. Sarah is ambitious and her career is starting to go places, she appears to make token visits to her family more for appearances sake than out of real affection and her love life is on the up and up; especially after she meets Jack. Jack I couldn't really get a handle on at all, he is a bit of a cipher despite being an intrinsic part of the story. Oliver is even more broadly drawn and he is all a little bit of a cliche. I did like how to book is sectioned off in to years and then only certain dates and events are visited. This does keep your interest although it does make for a somewhat jumpy read at times. As in real life there are some things that seem to fall by the wayside and never get resolved and others that are blown out of all proportion. Although this sounds like a complaint it is actually a compliment as it does give it a nice ring of authenticity. My real problem with the book is that none of the voices are distinct. Laurie, Sarah and Jack all sound very alike on the page and this reminds you constantly that you are reading. This prevents you from sinking in to the story in the way in which the author surely intended us too. Being that one step removed did spoil things for me somewhat and meant that after the opening chapter where Love Actually is referenced quite a lot I found myself looking for further references to it - sad to say I did find a few but mainly references to clothing rather than actual situations. I did sort of enjoy this book but it just didn't grab me and refuse to let go. I can't really talk about the plotting as this gives the whole book away and spoilers really aren't my thing. There are some stand out moments, plotwise, but they mainly revolve around loss rather than the more joyous moments in life.