The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Geneology

by Rhonda McClure



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ISBN-13: 9780028642673
Publisher: Alpha Books
Publication date: 01/01/1902
Series: Complete Idiot's Guide Series
Pages: 456
Product dimensions: 7.36(w) x 9.08(h) x 1.02(d)

Table of Contents


1. What Is Online Genealogy?
What's the Difference Between Online and Regular Genealogy? Is My Family on the Internet? What Can You Expect from the Internet? Genealogy's Far Reach on the Internet. Who Can Access Online Information?

2. Getting to Genealogy Cyberland.
Are You Up to the Computer Challenge? Browser. It's Not My Teenager, It's My Computer Tying Up the Phone. I See an ISP. Other On Ramps.

3. “Geek Speak” for Family History Hunters.
“Techie” Terms. “Emoticons” —The Emotions of the Internet. Secret Codes-Genealogical Acronyms. Mastering Cyberspace Etiquette. Learning Web Lingo.

4. Putting That PC to Work for You.
PCs Can Be Your Friends. Extending Your Contacts. Selecting the Right Genealogy Program. Trying Software Before Buying. What's More Personal Than Your Ancestors? Learning About Other Programs You'll Find Irresistible.


5. Beginning at the Beginning.
I'm Born-Beginning with Myself. Interviewing Yourself. Writing It All Down. Learning to Use Family History Forms. Congratulations! You Are Now a Genealogist!

6. Families Are Forever.
Talking with Family Members. Let “Ma Bell” Help. Let Uncle Sam Deliver. InterviewingUncle Bud. Raiding Grandma's Attic. Begging Aunt Ruth for the Family Bible. When Is a Letter Not a Letter?

7. Organize, Organize, Organize.
Copies, Copies, and More Copies. What Source Documentation Should You Keep? Avoiding the Paper Trap. Following the Genealogical “Bread Crumbs” Trail. Keeping Track of Why, When, and Where. Learning to Use Family History Logs. Mastering Electronic Logs. Returning to the “Crime Scene” . Drowning in Bookmarks? Names of Places?

8. What's Next for the Genealogist on the Hunt?
Planning for the Future. Research Trips. Evaluating Your Research. Building on Others' Research.


9. Surfing-Genealogy Style.
What's in Your Beginner's Basket? Link to Link. The Cream of the Crop. What's Really Out There? Beware: Addiction Imminent.

10. Worldwide Pony Express at Mach 4.
It's a Small World. Help, I Want to Get Off. Why Is Everyone Sending Me This? Sharing with Possible Online Cousins. You Got Anyone in Allegany County? Help-My Software Ate My Database. Jumping In with Both Feet. Cutting Through the Static.

11. Wanted: Great-Grandma Bertha.
Let's Hit the Boards. Newsgroups Abound. Searching the Newsgroups. Getting Along with the Rest of the Group. Joining the Party. Query: I'm Looking for SMITHs. Psychic Genealogist Needed. You Reap What You Sow. Letting Your Fingers Do the Talking. Using What You Find.

12. Hunting Down Those Family Pages.
Finding Families. Fine-Tuning Your Family-Specific Research Methods. Getting Through the Maze. Reality and Reliability Check. All Family Sites Are Not Created Equal.


13. Resources for Vital Records
Births, Marriages, and Deaths. Indexes. Obituaries. Volunteer Projects.

14. Mastering Other Genealogical Resources.
Census Online. Land Records. Cemetery Records. USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb.

15. Off the Beaten Path.
Need Something from the National Archives? Hitting the NAIL on the Head. Reading Newspapers with Ink-Free Hands.

16. Mapping Your Course.
My Kingdom for a Map. Go West, Young Man. Where Are They, Geographically? Can You Give Me Directions? Locating a Cemetery.

17. Databases Galore.
RootsWeb Is the Granddaddy of All Free Databases. GENDEX.

18. Let's Get Digital.
How Did They Do That? What's Out There? Digitized: Different Methods Make Different Images. Original Records from Home or Hotel.


19. The Melting Pot.
They Came in Ships. A Look at Passenger Lists. Passenger Lists Online. Ellis Island Records Online. Jewish Research. African American Research. Native American Ancestry. Hispanic Research. Asian American Research. The Tip of the Iceberg.

20. Around the World in 80 Seconds.
The British Isles at Bedtime. Germany from Your Office. Scandinavia or Bust. Italy by Moonlight. Translator Needed.

21. Using History in Family History.
Our Ancestors' History. Through the Time Machine. Searching Some Great History Sites. Making History with Your Family.


22. Rifling Through Library Catalogs at 2 a.m.
Finding Online Libraries with WebCATS. Other Online Avenues. State Libraries and Archives. Know Before You Go. Libraries in the Twenty-First Century. The Secrets Held by NUCMC.

23. Family History Library.
Families Really Are Forever. Index to the World-Almost. Lineage Online. Catalogs at Dawn. Preserving Your Family History. FHCs-Yes, You Still Need Them.

24. Online U.
Help Is Just a Link Away. Study at Your Own Pace. Online Classrooms. Articles from the Experts.

25. A Virtual Canvas.
It's Your Turn. Finding a Home for Your Page. There's Help Out There. Software to Do the Work for You. Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder. You're a Publisher Now.

26. Learning to Live in an Online World.
Mom's Maiden Name. You're How Old? Surprise, You're a Star. Copyrights, Now and Tomorrow. Don't Let Your Computer Get Sick.

27. You're on a Roll Now.
Do's and Don'ts of Online Genealogy. One Link at a Time. Remember to Have Fun. The Ever-Changing World Wide Web.


Appendix A. Glossary of Genealogical and Technical Terms.
Appendix B. State Resources.
Appendix C. Country Resources.
Appendix D. Online Library Resources.
Appendix E. Useful Forms.

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