Theories and Strategies in Counseling and Psychotherapy / Edition 3

by Burl E. Gilliland
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ISBN-13: 9780205148035
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 09/28/1993
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 7.22(w) x 9.58(h) x 0.87(d)

Table of Contents

Most chapters begin with "Fundamental Tenets," "The Counseling Process," "Strategies for Helping Clients," and "Sample Case" and conclude with "Summary", "Suggestions for Further Reading" and "References."

1. Introduction.
Purposes of the Book.
Suggestions for Using the Book.
Personal Qualities of the Counselor.

2. Psychoanalytic Therapy.
Contributions of the Psychoanalytic System.
Shortcomings of the Psychoanalytic System.
Psychoanalytic Therapy with Diverse Populations.

3. Adlerian Therapy.
Contributions of the Adlerian System.
Shortcomings of the Adlerian System.
Adlerian Therapy with Diverse Populations.

4. Jungian Therapy.
Dream Interpretation.
Chaos and Complexity Theory.
Contributions of the Jungian System.
Shortcomings of the Jungian System.
Jungian Therapy with Diverse Populations.

5. Person-Centered Counseling.
Contributions of the Person-Centered System.
Shortcomings of the Person-Centered System.
Person-Centered Counseling with Diverse Populations.

6. Gestalt Therapy.
Contributions of Gestalt Therapy.
Shortcomings of Gestalt Therapy.
Gestalt Therapy with Diverse Populations.

7. Transactional Analysis.
Contributions of Transactional Analysis.
Shortcomings of Transactional Analysis.
Transactional Analysis with Diverse Populations.

8. Behavioral Counseling, Therapy, and Modification.
Contributions of the Behavioral System.
Shortcomings of the Behavioral System.
BehavioralCounseling with Diverse Populations.

9. Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy.
Contributions of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy.
Shortcomings of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy.
Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy with Diverse Populations.

10. Control Theory/Reality Therapy.
Contributions of Control Theory/Reality Therapy.
Shortcomings of Control Theory/Reality Therapy.
Control Theory/Reality Therapy with Diverse Populations.

11. Cognitive Therapy.
Contributions of Cognitive Therapy.
Shortcomings of Cognitive Therapy.
Cognitive Therapy with Diverse Populations.

12. Trait-Factor Counseling/Person Environment Fit.
Contributions of the Trait-Factor Approach.
Shortcomings of the Trait-Factor Approach.
Trait-Factor Counseling with Diverse Populations.

13. Eclectic Counseling and Psychotherapy.
Contributions of the Eclectic System.
Shortcomings of the Eclectic System.
Eclectic Counseling with Diverse Populations.

14. Computer-Assisted Therapy.
The Therapeutic Process.
Contributions of Computer Counseling.
Shortcomings of Computer Counseling.
Computer Counseling with Diverse Populations.

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