“Maybe a month,” Burke heard himself say. He felt like he was floating outside of his body, and Ash didn’t seem to be breathing or blinking at all.  She tipped her face toward the sky and started laughing.  Burke frowned,…Read more


Helena reached the top of the forested hills that rose high above the city of Kraków. A fine perspiration coated her skin from the climb, causing the wool collar of her coat to itch unpleasantly. From here, shrouded by the…Read more

SF & Fantasy

  The green digits of the heads-up display inside Fred’s helmet showed an elapsed time of ten minutes and thirty-two seconds. That was how long it had been since Inspector Lopis had last climbed the slope to peer into the…Read more

Books & Ideas

Two centuries of change: from the Tarquins to  Scipio Long-Beard  HOW DID THE Republic really begin? Ancient Roman historians were experts at turning historical chaos into a tidy narrative and always keen to imagine that their familiar institutions went back…Read more

Business & Innovation

As civilizations evolved in the ancient world, so, too, did systems for providing goods and services. These early economic systems emerged naturally as various trades and crafts produced goods that could be exchanged. People began to trade, first by bartering…Read more