Golden Child

Golden Child

Claire Adam

Only Trixie is at the gate when he pulls up. She is sitting on her haunches staring at something across the road, her forelegs planted in front of her, solid as tree-stumps. Probably an iguana, Clyde thinks, or an agouti,…Read more


If his great-grandfather Dawson Jordan first stoked the furnace of Michael’s life, it was Michael’s mother, Deloris Peoples, who brought fiery propulsion to the mix. She was born in September 1941 into a relatively prosperous family in Rocky Point, North Carolina.…Read more


For more than twenty years, Eliza had been working on a list of things she hated more than Valentine’s Day. And finally, after decades of hard work and dedication, she’d narrowed it to the following:  1. ?  2. ??  3.…Read more