I was taking a pee in the bathroom when I caught sight of myself in the mirror. My face looked so beautiful that I turned to look more closely, spraying the tiles round the toilet in my hurry. I shook…Read more


Grant felt like the biggest a--hole curmudgeon on the planet. Not that that was a new feeling for him necessarily. But he resented the fact that he had to show this girl around the ranch, and he shouldn’t. Really, he…Read more

SF & Fantasy

Someone Like Me

Someone Like Me

M. R. Carey

She went back into the kitchen. She just about made it there on her own two feet. Then she had to lean against the wall for a few seconds while her gyroscope rocked and rolled and readjusted. The dizziness ought…Read more

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I can fall asleep anywhere. Airports, movie theaters, bathroom stalls. Once during law school, seated in the gallery of an overcrowded courtroom during a murder trial I was supposed to be observing, I managed to curl into the fetal position,…Read more