Chapter Three  March 20, 1997  This is how I’ll tell this story to our children, mine and Gray’s: “Your mother fell in love with your father on the first day of spring.”  Beautiful. Beautiful, right?  Although, I have to say I…Read more


The sea is thick and murky.  Can you see me?  I am propelled forward,  swept in spiraling, swift water.  The Great Current carries me.  It writhes along the coastline,  swirls around the great gyre,  churns past vast Sargassum weed.  The…Read more

SF & Fantasy

Chapter 4 There’s Always a Bloody Ghost  What Puck and the puppet Jones didn’t realize about my death, despite how clever and magical they thought themselves, was just how knob-twistingly lonely it was. If only I could hover ethereal over Jessica…Read more

Mysteries & Thrillers

After Me

After Me

Deborah Coonts

CHAPTER FOUR     Dusk deepened, muting the day, as I pushed through the glass doors. The cool mist that had ridden in on the light breeze earlier thickened in the cooling night. I loved the night, the fog. I felt…Read more

Books & Ideas

You’re from the Midwest?! What’s That Like?  When people are surprised I’m from the Midwest, I take it as a compliment. In part because I know that’s how they mean it. They’re not called “fly-over states” because people really want…Read more