There was an art to the male posterior. That’s all there was to it.  Well, that was most of it.  The young runners on the university track had such verve and tone and, probably best of all, if Evanelle ever…Read more


In the days before their departure, conditions at Brooklands had changed radically and, Gwendeline had to admit, chiefly for the better. The earl had first gone into the village to see the estate agent and the representative of her father’s…Read more

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This is an incredibly rich cake. Rum is a very traditional holiday flavoring. So is bourbon. Take your pick. Using a Texas-made spirit makes this gift even more spectacular. Giving the bottle along with the cake is a very major…Read more

Teen & YA

By the time I close my door behind me and remove my cloak, the reflection I catch in the mirror above my bureau is a cold mask, eyes half-lidded in silent appraisal, the way Bryn so often looks at me. …Read more

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It would have taken a keen observer to realize that the arresting young man striding along with such confidence through Harvard Yard in September 1908 had no business being there. Joe’s academic record at Boston Latin School was so abysmal…Read more