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The ability to lie persuasively is one of the greatest gifts a woman can possess in this life. Some critics, principally men, will argue that deception in women is inherently evil; but having spent the last fifteen years of my…Read more

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Just as Debra is about to get to the punch line, my cell phone rings.  “Shut that damn thing off, Matt,” she says. “If I were the judge, I’d fine you five hundred dollars for disrupting court.”  “And I’d appeal…Read more


By next lunchtime I had left Cannes and was back in Nice airport, slurping down a Bloody Mary (a mandatory preflight ritual for me) and checking out the reports of the previous night’s event online. I was happily shocked to…Read more


Once we had a father, but our father dies without us noticing.  It’s wrong to say that we don’t notice. We are just absorbed in ourselves, that afternoon when he dies. Unseasonable heat. We squabble, as usual. Mother comes out…Read more