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4  The scuffling in the computer room didn’t wake her up; she’d been awake for hours. She’d been trying to clear her mind and get to sleep but always came back to Nils’s letter, how it ripped open wounds she’d…Read more

CHAPTER II  WEDNESDAY. FORENOON WATCH: 0800–1200  There were nearly two thousand men in the convoy; there were over eight hundred in the four destroyers and escort vessels that guarded it. Expressing uselessly values quite immeasurable, three thousand lives and property…Read more

PROLOGUE THE OLDEST REVOLUTIONARY WAR WIDOW  In the early 1850s, few pedestrians strolling past the house on H Street in Washington, near the White House, realized that the ancient widow seated by the window, knitting and arranging flowers, was the…Read more

BE  A few weeks into the summer, when counting to ten and limiting sugar and simple carbohydrates didn’t work for either of us, you dropped me off with Grandmama for a few days in Forest, Mississippi. I loved Grandmama but…Read more