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In retrospect, perhaps drinking myself to sleep in my grandparents’ driveway hadn’t been the best idea.  The epiphany arrives with a blast of sunlight and a knock on the driver’s-side window that explodes my brain into pain soup. I manage…Read more

She stood outside her aunt’s ballroom and breathed as deeply as her stays allowed. She had walked into innumerable ballrooms in the past decade, but she still felt that old excitement — that moment of speculation, wondering if tonight would…Read more

McKenna looked around and saw nothing but black four-board fences and green grass for as far as she could see. Daffodils were playing peek-a-boo with the bright morning sun. She looked down at the GPS in her cherry red BMW…Read more

It was only ten-thirty and it was already a craptastic day.  Megan Vandemeer stared at the airplane on the tarmac. What the hell was she doing? The Alaska Airlines flight was taking off in twenty minutes and she was actually…Read more