Holiday Romance

The man behind the desk looked at the boy across from him with a mixture of envy and admiration. Only twelve years old, yet the kid had a brain that people would kill to have. I mustn’t appear too eager,…Read more

1  In Which I Restrain Myself from Envelope-Related Homicide  Responsible people do not take crotchless panties with them on business trips.  I stood in my bedroom staring down my lumpy blue duffel bag with two piles of panties in my…Read more

I hated the change; the commercial changing of the seasons was more obvious than nature’s. It was November first, the day after Halloween, when orange and black gives way to red and green. I didn’t always hate the change; I…Read more

I’m going home for Christmas. Back to McClellanville and the ocean. Back to my family. I’m proud to be the son of a shrimper. While some men look at wide-open fields and think of planting, we McClellans stare out at…Read more

Heavy snow clouds hung low over Bloomington, Indiana, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. But the atmosphere was warm and bright in the Clear Creek High School gym, where Ashley Baxter Blake sat next to her husband, Landon. On the floor with…Read more