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The scent of copper wafted from the room.  Father Mateo froze in the doorway. Hiro stopped short behind him, barely avoiding a collision. As he looked over the priest’s shoulder, he was grateful for the samurai tradition that forbade emotional…Read more

PROFESSOR JAHAN Darvish nudged his thick black glasses along the bridge of his nose and stared into the minibar fridge of his swanky Manhattan hotel suite while doing his best to ignore the outrageous price list posted off to the…Read more

Cold Storage

Cold Storage

David Koepp

After they’d burned their clothes, shaved their heads, and scrubbed themselves until they bled, Roberto Diaz and Trini Romano were allowed back into the country. Even then they hadn’t felt entirely clean, only that they had done everything they could,…Read more

Sometimes you catch a break.  Amelia Sachs had been driving her arterial-blood-red Ford Torino along a commercial stretch of Brooklyn’s Henry Street, more or less minding pedestrians and traffic, when she spotted the suspect.  What’re the odds?  She was helped…Read more

Each step through the abandoned Soviet military barracks took the Russian intelligence officer closer to the room where men were planning genocide.  Nikolai Dmitriev hated being here.  And he loathed what he was about to do.  The barracks were a…Read more

At seven o’clock of a Caribbean morning, on the island of Antigua, one Peregrine Makepiece, otherwise known as Perry, an all-round amateur athlete of distinction and until recently tutor in English literature at a distinguished Oxford college, played three sets…Read more

Was she dead?  She felt like a ghost, untethered and insubstantial.  Was she floating?  Everything around her seemed blurred, faded, and unimportant. Maybe she was blurred, faded, and unimportant while the world moved around her full of color she couldn’t…Read more