new york > brooklyn > community > missed connections  Posted November 3, 2007  Cute girl on Q train between Church Av & King’s Highway (Brooklyn)  Hi, if you’re reading this. We were both on the Q headed toward Manhattan. I…Read more

The housekeeper was right to cringe at Adrian’s room selection. Though the bedding had been replaced and the room hurriedly gone over, I could sense the depressed state of the blue bedchamber. It was almost as if the furniture itself…Read more

Alexi passed him quickly and hurried on into the kitchen. She dug into the refrigerator for two beers.  “Are you the one who has kept the kitchen clean?” she asked casually. It was spotless; Alexi imagined that one could have…Read more

"I’m afraid you have become a problem, Mr. Cage.” Erling Lennox took a pistol out from inside his hand-tailored coat. “You have served your purpose. I am delighted with the Milton you found for me. But I’m afraid that in…Read more

NISSA  After a dinner of pan-grilled chicken with fresh plum salsa and green beans, followed by coconut layer cake for dessert, Nissa and Desmond lingered over decaf coffee. She’d always found him easy to talk to, and tonight was no…Read more

The smell hit him first. "Ugh, what the hell is that?" Nick Cappuano dropped his keys into his coat pocket and stepped into the spacious, well-appointed Watergate apartment that his boss, Senator John O'Connor, had inherited from his father.  …Read more