Into the Fury

Kat Martin

Carlyle gave Ethan and Dirk a brief tour of the theater where the girls were rehearsing and would later be performing the first show of the summer tour. The Paramount in downtown Seattle was a landmark, a performing arts theater that could seat up to twenty-eight-hundred people. Built in the twenties, it was a wildly ornate structure with gold leaf on the walls and Baroque plaster moldings overhead.

Carlyle looked up at the huge crystal-beaded chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, scanned the ornate designs painted on the walls. “I hope the setting doesn’t overpower the costumes,” he grumbled.

Ethan figured mostly naked women in sequins and feathers wouldn’t have much trouble holding the audience’s attention.

Carlyle led them toward a big muscle jock with a shaved head and earrings in his ears. “You need to meet our chief of security. He’s got his own crew, so hopefully you won’t be bumping into each other too much, but you need to know who’s who.”

Carlyle stopped in front of the beefy man, about Ethan’s height but bulked up more in the chest, arms, and shoulders. An overzealous Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ethan wondered how many hours a day he spent at the gym.

“Beau Desmond, meet Ethan Brodie,” Carlyle said. “The guy with the ’stache is Dirk Reynolds.”

Desmond reached out a hand and Ethan and Dirk both shook.

“Ethan’s heading up the additional security team we’ve hired. He’s also a PI, so he’ll be doing some digging, trying to find out who sent those notes.”

“Long as he keeps his nose out of my business he can do whatever he wants,” Desmond said.

One of Ethan’s eyebrows went up. So it was going to be a pissing contest. Who’s the toughest, who’s the best at his job. He’d been afraid of that when he’d spotted the earrings.

“I’ll do my best to stay out of your way,” Ethan said diplomatically. He was there to do a job. He’d do it with or without Beau Desmond.

“Make sure you do,” Beau said, determined to get the last word.

Carlyle made no comment, but clearly he had picked up on Desmond’s belligerent attitude. As they walked away, Dirk was grinning in anticipation.

Into the Fury