Anna was a warm, heavy weight against his side, her eyes closed, her breathing deep, her tears drying in faint silvery streaks on her cheeks. At least she was asleep now.

A shadow fell over them and he curled a protective arm around her before he looked up.

The Bad Man smiled at him and held out something. When David didn’t take it the Bad Man removed the foil wrapper and held it out again. It smelled like food. David didn’t want to take anything from the Bad Man but his stomach growled, and Anna would be hungry when she woke. He snatched the sticky bar out of the Bad Man’s hand. The Bad Man smiled again and patted his head. David held himself rigid and waited for the Bad Man to stop.

The airplane shifted suddenly, up and down and side to side and back and forth. The Bad Man staggered a few steps, grabbing at the back of a seat to keep from falling. He looked toward the front of the airplane and shouted something. The piloto shouted something back. The plane jerked again and one of the duffel bags that they had loaded onto the plane fell from a seat into the aisle and broke open, spilling large square plastic bags everywhere.

No Fixed Line (Kate Shugak Series #22)