Detailed instructions are given as part of each recipe in the book, but to ensure full success, I am highlighting the essentials here. See each chapter introduction for more highlights for success specific to the cakes, pies and pastry, cookies, and yeast breads and pastries in this book.

Designate equipment to use only for baking, especially items that are prone to retaining odors such as from garlic or onions from savory cooking. This equipment includes cutting boards, measuring spoons and cups, wooden spoons, and silicone or rubber spatulas. Many ingredients used in baking, such as butter and chocolate, also are highly prone to absorbing other aromas.

Before beginning to bake, read the recipe through and note the ingredients you will need, special equipment, and plan aheads.

Be sure to use the ingredients specified in the recipe. Different types of flour, sugar, butter, chocolate, and many other ingredients produce different results in baked goods. Also, if at all possible, make the recipe the way it is indicated.

The Baking Bible