Since I am a home cook, taught by home cooks, I have an easy approach to most things kitchen related. But let’s talk about where I draw the line. Beginning with butter.

How I Do . . .


Always use butter. Please. There is never an acceptable situation where margarine will do the trick. Trust me on this. I am the girl who grew up with a mother who had the big tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! in the fridge at all times. I’m basically an expert on margarine. So you can be confident in knowing it’s never okay.

Also, salted or unsalted? Oh, the question of the ages. I know lots of bakers and professional cooks use unsalted butter, and I certainly see the logic. Start with unsalted butter and you can control the exact amount of salt added to the recipe. Makes sense. However, I always use salted. #Sorrynotsorry. I just like it better, it’s that simple. If you aren’t a salty girl like me, go ahead and use unsalted and add a pinch or two of salt as you need. But please know I am always baking with salted butter, unless otherwise noted (which is pretty much never).

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