King of the Dark Episode 17: Exit at the Dark Tower

It’s our final episode of King of the Dark, our special series on the B&N Podcast devoted to exploring the storytelling magic of Stephen King. Over the course of sixteen episodes, Liz Braswell and Louis Peitzman have joined B&N’s Bill Tipper as they dive into the wonderland of dream and nightmare that King has created via books, short stories, and films. We’ve tried to read as many of his significant works as we can along the way, from Carrie and The Shining to his most recent novel The Institute and sometimes that’s felt like been chasing a whale, and anyone who’s read Moby-Dick will know that’s a risky notion — but a compelling one nevertheless.

For the last stop on this journey, we’ve taken on a project that has been woven through most of Stephen King’s career, the multi-volume fantasy epic The Dark Tower. The Dark Tower began with King’s 1982 novel The Gunslinger, and unfolded over the course of seven numbered books and 22 years, a sprawling saga of wild west outlaws and powerful sorcery, of a quest through ages and a tower that spans universes. That would be a massive creation for any author, but King’s Dark Tower is unique in that it’s a world that keeps bleeding into and crossing over with his other stories in ways large and small, so that the Dark Tower’s Mid-World begins to look like a secret network of passageways that interlink King’s entire body of work.

Liz and Louis and I were joined for this conversation by B&N Science Fiction and Fantasy blog editor Joel Cunningham, who has spent more time in the Dark Tower world than any of the rest of us.

Editor’s Note: Liz Braswell provided the King of the Dark team with special “Gunslinger” hats for the occasion. Pictured, left to right: Liz, Joel, Louis. Not pictured: Bill & engineer Josh Perilo, but we’re definitely wearing ours.

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