The B&N Podcast: Massimo Bottura

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Massimo Bottura is the chef and proprietor of the celebrated Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, a restaurant that was named the best in world in 2016 and highlighted in an episode of Netflix’s “Chef’s Table” series. He joins Jim Mustich on this episode to talk about his new book Bread is Gold, and his ambitious globe-spanning efforts to bring a sense of social justice and environmental responsibility to the world of cooking.

Massimo Bottura, the world’s best chef, prepares extraordinary meals from ordinary and sometimes ‘wasted’ ingredients inspiring home chefs to eat well while living well.

‘These dishes could change the way we feed the world, because they can be cooked by anyone, anywhere, on any budget. To feed the planet, first you have to fight the waste.’

Bread is Gold is the first book to take a holistic look at the subject of food waste, presenting recipes for three-course meals from 45 of the world’s top chefs, including Daniel Humm, Mario Batali, René Redzepi, Alain Ducasse, Joan Roca, Enrique Olvera, Ferran & Albert Adrià and Virgilio Martínez. These recipes, which number more than 150, turn everyday ingredients into inspiring dishes that are delicious, economical, and easy to make.

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