The Beatles

Five titles to shed light on the Fab Four’s lives and music.

A Hard Day’s Write

By Steve Turner

For anyone who’s wondered whether there was a real meter maid named Rita, Steve Turner has the answer. The biographer of Van Morrison and Marvin Gaye tells the story of where every lyric from every Beatles song originated and illustrates just how much ordinary people and events can influence the creative process. Hundreds of photographs add a rich visual dimension to these revelations.

The John Lennon Letters

Edited by Hunter Davies

John Lennon was one of the most talented songwriters the world has ever known, creator of such classics as “Help!,” “Come Together,” “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Imagine,” among others. But it was in his correspondences that he let his personality and poetry flow unguarded. His letters to family, friends, strangers, and lovers from every point in his life reveal a never-before-seen side of the private genius.

The Beatles

By Allan Kozinn

We all know the Beatles as stars and voices, but Kozinn, a classical music critic for The New York Times, examines how the profoundly innovative composers of the group — Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison — worked together and grew apart, how they were influenced, and how they each experimented with new forms.


By Howard Sounes

Sounes, the author of bestselling biographies of Bob Dylan and Charles Bukowski, turns his exacting eye to the life of Paul McCartney, who, even outside his legendary partnership with John Lennon, has been one of the world’s most-loved entertainers. Using more than 200 hours of interviews and meticulous research, Sounes pieces together a complex portrait of a man whose sunny melodies belie a sometimes ruthless ambition.

The Beatles Anthology

By The Beatles

McCartney, Starr, Harrison, and Yoko Ono Lennon worked in a rare but monumental collaboration to provide this multi-vocal account of life “inside” the Beatles. Made up of a series of interwoven quotes from the band members and their associates (producer George Martin, road manager Neil Aspinall, etc.), The Beatles Anthology offers an oral history of the group that rivals any family saga in its fascinations.