by Katherine Sutcliffe
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Obsession 1.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is a great bummer.Where is the romance? I had to skip through just to get to some substance, never came! Who evre approved the cover & notes on it should not be used in the future. Do not judge the book by it's cover gives a true meaning..
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a long time historical romance reader (over 20 years now) and also, a fan of many of Katherine Sutcliffe¿s novels. My favorites by her are ¿Shadow Play¿, ¿A Fire In The Heart¿ and ¿Dream Fever¿. These three are tops for character development, intensity, passion, and deep emotion. I recently bought ¿Obsession¿ because I didn¿t have it to complete my collection of most of her books. Like many other reviewers noted, this story is actually the third book in the Hawthorne brother¿s stories. Clayton¿s story was told in ¿Miracle¿, Trey¿s in ¿Devotion¿ and Trey¿s story continued and ended in ¿Obsession¿. Little good can be said of the ¿Obsession¿ story line. Trey was really made to look like a terrible guy. All he did was drink, get drunk, gamble, enhance his already terrible reputation, sleep with anything and anyone and eventually be willing to sell his soul and manhood for a few bucks to Edwina. Grant you¿he really fell off the wagon when Maria left his life and he thought she married another. Everything he did in life seemed to come from wanting to strike out at his terrible and nasty grandmother the Duchess. She seemed to detest her grandsons and likewise, they hated her. The story discusses in final detail why their relationship never worked and never would. So¿at least you got answers finally. In turn, Maria was in a mental institution for years because of Trey¿s grandmother again. Unknown to all¿she had Trey¿s child there and she was taken away and that made Maria go even more crazy. Maria was released when Trey found out where she was and he tried to nurture her back to sanity much like she did to him years before. The twists and turns in this story will make you dizzy¿.Trey playing nurse maid, Trey working in the mines to feel like a man for once, Maria thinking her dead brother talks to her, Maria thinking a doll is her daughter, Trey loving Maria but, she hates and doesn¿t remember him, Trey being mean to his brother, the nasty grandmother making things worse by paying Edwina to get involved and so on¿.See why you¿ll get a headache from this one? The sad thing is, this story had the makings of a good book ¿ all the necessary elements to make it work¿it just went way, way too far over-board. I felt insane myself in parts and I wasn¿t the one in the asylum. I do not like when authors tell a story in the first person. It makes it hard to connect with other characters and hear what they think and feel. The story becomes much to one dimensional and that never works in a detailed historical romance. I often like follow up books but, this one was better left to the imagination. Lucky for me¿there was no obsession with this follow up story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was so excited when the sequel to Devotion finally came out. Now I wish Sutcliffe had let Maria and Trey's story end with devotion. Obsession was a complete let down. Trey and Maria have virtually no scenes together. It was awful!