A Duke's Promise: A Forgotten Castles Novel

A Duke's Promise: A Forgotten Castles Novel

by Jamie Carie


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A Duke's Promise: A Forgotten Castles Novel 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
ornerylibrarian More than 1 year ago
This is the final book in the Forgotton Castles series but is easily a stand alone story. Gabriel Ravenwood, Duke of St Easton and his new bride, Alexandria, embark on a quest to find and rescue her parents. There are battles and evil villians coming out of the woodwork. Castles and hot air balloons. Romance and devout faith. This is an epic tale rich with danger and intrigue, fraught with nail biting moments. A delightful read with a satisfying HEA.
InSpirit More than 1 year ago
Fantastic story of creative imagination that captivated me from cover through to its completion... Alexandria has certainly matured from her beginnings in the series and now as a newlywed to the Duke of St Easton, she must learn to make her decisions and choices in partnership. It's a  story of adventure, drama, intrigue, romance and an ending that dazzles. A brilliant book that introduces readers to inventions of the age that prove their use in furthering the adventures of our protagonists. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to read this concluding novel. The epilogue puts everything into perspective and leaves me with an unusual depth of satisfaction.  Thank you, Jamie, for offering your creative gift for our reading enjoyment.  Thank you to B&H Books for the opportunity to read and review without obligation.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyable read .
TheReadersCove More than 1 year ago
The Adventures Never Cease! United and off on their honeymoon, Alex and Gabriel are determined to find Alex’s missing parents.  Following paths, taking risks, and facing dangers not thought of, the two find their quest daunting.  Foes are ever near, but friends appear when hope is lost. This is a fast moving story with vivid characters, surprising action, and well researched to fit the historical background. Jamie has written a wonderful conclusion to her series, destined to be read by many dreamers, who seek adventure, discovery, and especially the journey!
weatherlover1 More than 1 year ago
Book three starts off right where book two leaves off. Alex and Gabriel’s wedding. We start with the wedding night and Alex’s deep secret comes to light and threatens to ruin the very new marriage. Once that issue is dealt with they head off on their honeymoon to Paris and then on to Italy to hopefully find Alex’s parents. Of course they are met with danger along the way. Once they get to Italy they find out that they are in more danger then they realize and must work together and against the clock to save her parents and themselves. This book wraps up the story of Gabriel and Alex. I enjoyed it over all and was a little sad to see the adventure end but happy with the ending. What I liked: I liked that Alex seemed to grow up a little more in this book. In book one and even in book two she seemed quite young and immature. In this book she seemed a little more like a lady but she still had her spunk. I also liked getting to know her parents a little after reading about them some in the first two books. Though they where not quite what I expected. What I did not like: The main story line of this book had to do with finding Alex’s parents and finding the manuscript. I don’t want to give away the ending but it was a little weird. It was not so much what they found but what it did when they found it. I kind of scratched my head a little because I had trouble imagining what I was reading which made it harder for me to get. I also still feel the whole hearing loss that Gabriel had was weird and how it played into the final climax of this book was even weirder. Over all though I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed seeing Alex and Gabriel as a couple and how they worked together. They where a little much in the romance department at times but they where newlyweds in the book. Definitely a series worth reading if you like historical fiction.
LoraineN More than 1 year ago
A satisfying end to a great love story. It was nice to journey with the newly married couple on their journey to find Alex’s parents. Like the other two books in this series, their journey was riddled with danger but this time they face it together. Full review at my website.
Freddikb More than 1 year ago
Lady Alexandria is so close to finding her parents. The latest clues are sending her to Italy and the marble caves of Carrara. Gabriel, Duke of St. Easton, is with her now, by her side as they race against time and enemies- old and new ones. There are dangers on all sides and Alex and Gabriel must learn to work together or risk losing everything. This story has kept my glued to the pages since the very beginning with The Guardian Duke, through The Forgiven Duke and as the story came to a close with this book. A Duke’s Promise starts right where The Forgiven Duke ends. It is filled with grand adventures (a hot air balloon!), friends and enemies (sometimes you’re not sure who is on what side), and very determined people (for good or for bad). I was happy with how the story came to a close. Jamie Caries made quite a build-up with two previous books and I was really hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed. I was not! This was a great ending to a great trilogy. *I received this book free from B&H Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts I have expressed are entirely my own.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found this to be a disappointing end to the series. It was so far over-the-top: hot air balloon rides over the mountains, bizarre ESP powers, and mysterious inventions. Godd thing it's a trilogy! The only plot device left would be alien invasion or amnesia!