A Season to Love

A Season to Love

by Nicole Deese


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A Season to Love 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Angelatte More than 1 year ago
I have read and loved all of Nicole's previous books, and have been eagerly waiting for A Season to Love. I was not disappointed, and I was captivated by page 1. Nicole has an amazing gift at writing, and she makes her characters come to life in a way that you feel like they are your own friends and you are a part of their lives. I found myself relating to several characters and things they went through, and the storyline hit close to home. I laughed, I cried, I sighed in happiness, and enjoyed every bit! I highly recommend this book to everyone! ✴︎I received an early copy of A Season To Love from the publisher for review and the this review expresses my personal thoughts about the book.
DM_Lunsford More than 1 year ago
A Season to Love is a great read about falling and love and overcoming life's struggles. I really enjoy Nicole Deese's writing style. But it's the characters in this narrative that made me love it so much. Patrick is charming, gregarious, and handsome. I can easily imagine sitting around and listening for hours to the stories of his adventures. His ability to turn that Scottish brogue on and off at will is a definite bonus. Willa is a woman to whom I could easily relate. She has strengths, like loyalty, devotion, and determination, but often can't see them for herself. The combination of life's hard blows and her own personality provide opportunity for some powerful struggles in her life. Watching Willa learn to face and, eventually, overcome those struggles was beautiful to read. Then there's Savannah, the seven-year-old ray of sunshine beaming in and out of everything happening between the romantic leads. I think anyone who reads this book will adore her. Of course, nice to get to revisit Georgia and Weston too (the leads from Love in Lenox #1). Oh, I can't forget Alex, with her teenage angst and spunk. Another character I couldn't help but love. Faith is a steady chord strumming in the background of this tale. There aren't a lot of narrative references to things like church attendance or prayers, but the idea that these characters, each in their own way, do turn to God for guidance and strength is still communicated, I think. There's also plenty of delightful chemistry, complete with intense sparkage, between Patrick and Willa. (Three words: brownie batter spatula!) We have to wait a good while for that first kiss between them, although for the nature of their story I find that works really well. Deese does a great job of building anticipation without making it overly frustrating. Reading their relationship shift through the expected (yet no less moving) conflicts and resolution that follows was such a pleasure.
NatalieRae More than 1 year ago
Oh, how I LOVE this story!! The second in the A Love in Lenox Novel series, readers are invited into the life of Willa Hart-a woman whose heartache has morphed into a paralyzing fear that devastation is only a choice away from reality. Ms. Deese has an incredible way of capturing the perfect combination of emotions and I found myself laughing out loud, tearing up until I couldn't hold the tears back, and fretting with anxiousness over the love story playing out in the pages before me. And that, I believe, has everything to do with the way she deliciously develops characters that come to life with each word. It's far too easy to find stories with one-dimensional characters but you'll NEVER find that to be an issue with Ms. Deese's work. Masterfully she brings importance to each encounter from the main characters to the lively and engaging personalities of secondary characters. I LOVED every one of the characters in this story--especially Alex whose smirk, angst, and authenticity were spot on! The epic-ness of the romance in this story are second-to-none. One of my favorite things about romance is the tension. The push-pull of authenticity that happens between a man and woman as they discover the kind of love that makes the heart swoon at every shared peek, brush of skin, and almost-kisses. Ms. Deese tenderly drew me into Patrick and Willa's relationship almost as carefully as she did the characters until I was done. Done. I am obsessed with their love story-obsessed! Ms. Deese perfectly weaves a subtle-yet beautiful theme throughout that left me sighing in contentment when the story came to an end.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
A Season to Love was such an emotional tale! This contemporary romance had me on the edge of my seat wanting to know how things would work out for the two main characters. A Season to Love is the second book in the Love in Lenox series. It can be read as a stand alone, yet many characters from book one appear in book two, so it will be even more enjoyable to have read book one, A Cliche Christmas. Even though Patrick and Willa started off in this novel as two characters who were very different from each other, I really felt connected to both of them. I loved the way Patrick worked to help Willa overcome many of her feelings of fear and to learn to embrace life. There was great chemistry and attraction between these two characters. And the tension was high since Patrick was leaving soon and Willa felt constantly reminded of that fact. Those moments of tension were some of my favorite in the story and made me hope for a happily ever after. I plan to read this story many times in the future!
Heidi_Reads More than 1 year ago
This book. All the feels. I love the strength in Willa even though she doesn't always see it. The hardships she has endured were rough and it's not surprising she suffers from anxiety. She's trying so hard to be the best mom for her daughter who is ready to live life as a normal kid again, but her fears are debilitating. Willa's loving sibling relationship with her brother Weston becomes a bit volatile as he pushes Willa too often and too far out of her comfort zone. The way that Patrick helps her overcome her fears is so thoughtful, because he knows he can't do it for her, but he can encourage and support her to do it for herself. They have great banter as well as thought-provoking conversations, and the romantic tension builds as they grow more attracted to each other but have the looming deadline of Patrick's departure preventing them from taking the next step. The author skillfully employs the "showing" technique rather than telling, and I easily connected with the characters and felt their emotions as I read. I loved Willa's compassion and motherly instincts for Alex, the teenage half-sister of her boss with a dysfunctional childhood, who adds another dimension to the story and a couple of her scenes brought tears to my eyes. This was the first book I read by Nicole Deese and I quickly found her other available books and loved them as well! She's now a must-read author for me :) (I received a complimentary copy of the book; this is my honest review)
SusanSnodgrassBookworm More than 1 year ago
I read the first book in this series and bought this one a few months ago. I got around to reading it and finished this morning. I loved every minute! Nicole Deese has some serious talent. She is quite descriptive of her places, so much so that the reader feels a part of the surroundings. She also crafts characters that seem real, even all the secondary ones! This book is Christian fiction and the spiritual element really ministered to me. Anyone who ever deals with fear should read this book. When we walk in fear, we leave faith by the wayside. It's not God's best for us, but it's so hard to let go sometimes. This book explores that situation in depth and it truly is helpful. I certainly hope Nicole has more in this town because I've grown to love it! Highly recommend this one.
BethErin More than 1 year ago
Nicole Deese has such a rich and vibrant writing style. She didn't just draw me into the story, I was drawn into Willa Hart. Her emotions and experiences were so well described that I felt them too. By the time she enters her late twenties, Willa has experienced more than her fair share of sorrow and trials. While her daughter is ready to embrace adventure after her battle with cancer, Willa is stuck in worry mode and the anxiety is pressing in. Dr. Patrick McCade is very nearly the opposite of Willa, an adventurous world traveler and outdoor enthusiast. Patrick and Willa's interactions range from humorous blunders and awkward exchanges to friendship, charged attraction, and everywhere in between. This book had me staying up late and getting up early, it's going on my list of all time favorites! I requested this book through NetGalley in order to read it and offer an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.
Madison-s_Library More than 1 year ago
This was the first book I have read by Nicole Deese but it certainly won't be the last. She has a wonderful writing style that draws you into the story, connects you with the characters and mixes romance with humour in a way that has sparks flying and hearts melting. Willa is struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Her fear of what might happen clouds her every day and every decision. And her fear is pretty justified having lost a husband unexpectedly and then watched her seven-year-old daughter fight cancer. Willa's journey is very relatable and hit pretty close to home on some topics. Her story is one of strength and fear. When she meets Dr Patrick McCoy her first reaction is to question his ability to doctor her daughter. But he puts those fears to rest with his kindness, attention to detail and humour. When he challenges her to a series of courage-building adventures, Willa finds herself developing feelings for the handsome doctor. Patrick and Willa have some epic chemistry. The tension that builds between them is fantastic. As they work together to challenge Willa's fears, they share some wonderful moments, but it's the time they all interact as a family, Willa's brother and his fiancée included, that I really loved. In fact, all the characters in this book were loveable, especially Willa's vibrant daughter Savannah. I particularly loved Willa's interaction with Alex, a troubled teen she meets through work. Their relationship is very touching. Faith is subtly woven into the story, with talk of God's grace and love and prayer, and it works so well in this small-town story of love, bravery and family. The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.