All We Can Do Is Wait

All We Can Do Is Wait

by Richard Lawson


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All We Can Do Is Wait 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Sparkling_City More than 1 year ago
I won this novel in a Goodreads giveaway & was asked in return for a honest review. This novel was a good read, it had me feeling many different emotions. It made me happy & it made me sad. It made me laugh & it made me cry. As you read you can't help but feel for the characters and what they are going through, even if you yourself have never been through an experience like that. The waiting to hear about how a loved one is doing or what happened to them is one of the worst kind of feelings. This novel & their experience all happens in just one day. But for them & maybe even for the readers it feels like so much longer. Something terrible happened to these characters but it also brought them together.
miss_mesmerized More than 1 year ago
An awful accident brings a bunch of teenager together in the waiting area of a hospital: a Boston bridge collapsed during busy traffic and now they are waiting for news. Scott is afraid that his girlfriend Aimee might be amongst the dead. Skyler was on the telephone with her sister when Kate suddenly broke away. Jason and Alex fear the worst about their parents who were on the way to Alexa’s school. And Morgan already knows that her father is not alive anymore. While they are condemned to wait in the sterile area without any information, they all recall the last couple of months, what they went through with the loved ones, the good sides and the bad ones. But sharing this feeling of utmost anxiety also brings out things which were long buried and in the morning, they are not the same anymore. “All we can do is wait” has the classic drama setting: all characters in one place, waiting for the moment when they are either relieved or their biggest fear is confirmed. There is nothing they can do to change the situation, they have to sit and wait for the verdict. No matter what they wish or pray for, their fate is already sealed but they do not know about it. Richard Lawson makes his young protagonists alternate in the narration. Each chapter is dedicated to one of them and slowly their lives unfold. Thus, we are not constantly in the situation of extreme stress in the waiting room, but look back also on happy moments full of joy and love. But the sword of Damocles of looming over them all the time and inevitable we return to the hospital. The story is full of emotion, positive and negative ones, and the author created authentic and lovable characters who are credible in their fears and hopes. They already show whom they are going to be in a couple of years and yet, they are still adolescents with great hopes and wishes. Apart from this, there is obviously a lot of suspense because you just want to know what happened to their friends, sister and parents. This just makes you read on and on and on. I really loved the novel even though it is a rather melancholy story that is told.