Asher Black: (Book 1 of The Five Syndicates)

Asher Black: (Book 1 of The Five Syndicates)


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Asher Black: (Book 1 of The Five Syndicates) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
MarClarke More than 1 year ago
From tormented pasts to the future... The start to an explosive series of books you'll die to get your hands on. Each one continues to the next, full of the history between all the characters as you go along. Amazing how things go and the futures that they hold. I'm addicted and can't wait for the next in the series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
EmilyP23 More than 1 year ago
Lucy and her new roommate at Wilton, Aimee, were excited to be at Rogue, the hottest club in New York. A tall blonde approaches the stairway to the guarded VIP section and walked right past the guards, followed by a very handsome man with striking blue eyes who looked like he didn’t want to be there. Lucy finally decides to step outside into the alley for some air. After a few minutes the door opens – and the blue-eyed man smiles at her. He was so different from the cold, calloused look he had inside. They ended up kissing and enjoying each other until he seemed to be talking to himself. She realized he had a small device in his ear and was talking with someone. Then he just walked away with no goodbye and re-entered the club. After settling her rage, she re-enters as well preparing to leave. She passes the blonde from earlier arguing with a man in the hallway. Lucy darts into the restroom to avoid them, but as she is ready to leave, the arguing is louder and closer to the restroom door. Fearing for the woman, Lucy calls 9-1-1. Then “Blue Eyes” walks down the hall and the “attacker” addresses him as boss! The woman calls him Asher! So this must be Asher Black, the owner of the club! And he was just told by his men that the police had been called! When she found Aimee and her boyfriend, she found out how bad her situation really was – she had interrupted mafia business and called the cops on the Romano family!! She was truly in danger now if they identified her. I really enjoy this author’s writing. Not only is her book really good, drawing the reader in and touching emotions, but the courage quotes and such throughout were really inspiring. The book has an amazing plot, suspenseful and intriguing from beginning to end! The twists and turns keep the reader eagerly reading and wanting more. It contains drama, danger, and romance. I like the strong yet realistically vulnerable characters. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next book from this author.
JenniferSoppe More than 1 year ago
Asher Black is a dark mafia bad boy tale worth reading. Lucy, a student with secrets, goes out on the town with her roommate where she encounters Asher, a fixer for the Romano family. As the story unfolds they become entangled in even more secrets while trying to keep their own as well. There are a number of events that will cause your heart to race from excitement, betrayal, friendship and love. I am eagerly looking forward to reading more in The Five Syndicates series.
Kaye_Gunter More than 1 year ago
AND IT'S A GRAND SLAM!!! Talk about hitting one over the fense, down the next 6 blocks, over a freight train at maximum speed and finally into a tunnel wall. This is one interesting, page turning bombshell that sets the bar higher for any other author in the same genre. I was hooked from the start and reeled in for the duration. All the twists and turns abound with enough excitement, action and drama that totally rocks this bad boy through and through. The characters are complex and well developed with such depths it's easy to get carried away. Their personalities are unique, vast and varied with qualities and traits that balance out perfectly. The scenes are so graphic and descriptive it paints a magnificent backdrop that really makes the storyline pop. The chemistry between the two main characters were off the charts, white hot and explosive as they come together beautifully. Parker did an excellent job bringing this read to life flawlessly. Fantastic job Parker, thanks for sharing this awesome read with us.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oooh, Asher Black is a females dream come true, even though he is linked to the Mafia but I sure don’t mind at all. Lucy and Asher in the Alley behind the club is so intense as they dont even know each others names at all. He is all dark and mysterious. Asher going after Lucy because she made a call to the police after seeing someone being mistreated in the club was a stupid thing to but the events leading up to them being happy together is fantastic. He truly realises what she means to him when she falls hopelessly inlove with him and also after they try to kill her. Lucy suffering when shes was in foster care makes her a stronger person. Definite must read, can cannot wait for the next installment of this series.
Patricia Lewis More than 1 year ago
I absolutely LOVED Lucy and Asher, Lucy is a strong, courageous heroine. She stands up for herself, and for her friends. Asher is sexy, strong, and a really awesome hero. Lucy learns she is no longer as to runs from her problems, with Asher she finds strength and courage. with Lucy Asher learns trust and love the chemistry between them was off the charts hot. I could read this book over and over I didn't want this book to end I want more of Lucy and Asher.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have always loved Mafia or any MC related book. Something about the men in the book is amazing. The way they'll do anything to save the ones they love from danger. I fell in love with Asher at the beginning. His ora of darkness said a lot about him. Loved the story and how it progressed. :) I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Thi More than 1 year ago
This is my first book from this author and I loved it. I’m usually not into Mafia books but this one caught my eye so I thought I would give it a try and man was I’m glad I did. I totally recommend this book. Now on to book 2!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it. A fast easy read. We meet Asher, gorgeous and brilliant and linked to the mob and Lucy a girl from nowhere. I loved Lucy's internal dialogue. This needs to come with a warning that you won't be able to put it down. Great characters and a fun story as they find their way to an HEA. Highly recommended. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow so much happened in this book I am still reeling from it all. I read this in one sitting and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book. The writing is fluid and the story flows so smoothly, I was immediately hooked from the first page. There is drama, suspense, humour and intrigue to look forward to in this story. The characters Lucy and Asher are a perfect match and balance each other well. I recommend this book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was over all a good book. Had an interesting plot. Just found it rambled on... characters were a little one dimensional. That said I would voluntarily read this author again, and would suggest this book if someone was looking for the genre. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
BreeNikki More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It was written nicely and I could ot put it down. It mad me laugh and made and sometimes both at the same time. I loved the relationship between Asher and Lucy, from the sarcasm in the beginning and love/hate to when they started to care a lot about each other the more they learned about each other. I definitely enjoyed the book and will read the rest of the series! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow what a story and it was nothing like I expected from the blurb but it was so much more Luct starts off the book as a bit of an airy fairy girl but boy did she quickly leave that behind she became a strong kickass woman who fought for what she wanted and that was Asher. Asher could have been so stereotyped but he was actually a very deep character who just went about getting what he wanted and blending into the background if this is a debut novel then this is an author well woth watching. I loved the quote at the beginning of each chapter I was given an ARC copy of this book but this is a true and honest review
Llin More than 1 year ago
*****I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review***** It’s hard to believe that this is the author debut book on so many levels and it was amazing. Lucy Ives life took an exceptional turn when her college roommate, Aimee suggested they go out on the town to Rogue. Rogue is a hot, high end strip club in New York owned by Asher Black. Lucy saw the unexpected action happening in the club and call the cops with the intention to assist a person in danger, but later learning differently. Asher Black is a dark brooding wealthy business man and the ex fixer for the Romano crime family. He is extremely handsome, successful and in the middle of an corporate espionage act by one of his board member. He discovered Lucy identity and approached her after her misunderstanding and declared she owed him a favor (a pretend fiancée synopsis). The story was well thought out plots where at times, it appears Lucy is a little crazy but considering her major in college, I would say eccentric. Lucy and Asher played the merry go round antic with their feelings toward each other but it was cute. I laughed my butt off about the rooster with red hair. It roped me in from the very first page and held me captive until the end. I will beginning the second book in this series about Niccolaio Andretti.
Pamgram1 More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. A long read and such a great plot, excitement, action and teasing romance. When they finally get to making love the suspense was so exciting. Asher Black is a self made rich man who has his own company Black Enterprises and was a fixer for a mob family. So he still has lots of connections. He has always kept his business separated from his mob ties. Rene' who is one of the corporate board members is trying to get Asher thrown off the board. All the board members are family men so Asher decides to get himself a fake wife. This is where Lucy Ives comes in. Aimee who is Lucy's best friend and college roommate decided that her and Lucy need a night out. They go to the popular bar Rogue. Unbeknownst to them that Asher Black owns this bar. She sees a man going up to the VIP section and their eyes lock While Lucy is in the restroom she tries to leave but there is a man and woman there and it looks like he's feeling her up and she doesn't want it. So Lucy decides to call the cops on her burner phone. She soon realizes she made a big mistake. She takes the SIM card out of her phone and flushes it. Destroys the rest of the phone. When it quites down out there in the bar her and Aimee leave. She thinks she's in the clear until she goes back to classes at Vaserly college and Asher appears in class and sits next to her. She recognizes him from the bar and wonders how he found her. That is just the start of this action filled book. There's a wonder love filled ending to this story. Oh I forgot to mention humor to throughout. Hooray to the author!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's not easy giving out 4 or 5 stars to anyone. There's so much I look for and expect from authors. And I don't say much unless there's a good reason for it. If I like it, I write a Review. If I don't like it, I write one and give 1's abs will Beverly again read or recommend those books or authors work. So, with that in mind. Here is my first review for Ms. P. S. Huntington, "Asher Black." This book has a strong and well written storyline, that grabs and keeps your attention. An author should be able to convey and enthrall their readers. Ms. P. S. Huntington did just that. This book has captured every emotion from being angry at the characters to loving them and wishing them a HEA. THIS BOOK, has strong and well constructed characters that makes the whole book flow. Now of course with this being the first time I've ever read this authors work... I was even more critical of the book. Funny how I had just so happened one night I was flipping through this other site and the blurb came up and I just knew, I just had to read this book... Now, I'm going back to get the other book(Niccoloaio Andritti- Book 2) and curl up with fat glass of red and read the next in this series.... I originally voluntarily received this book as an Advance Readers Copy... But due to technical difficulties ( and I'm grateful for it) I went in through my KU account and read it... And now I'm a F4L
The_reading_wolf More than 1 year ago
I LOVED it! First lets talk about Asher…. *swoon* be still my heart.. Asher is wonderful in this book. He is tall, stacked, powerful, and an absolute dreamboat. Lucy is smart, more than she thinks, kind, and absolutely has the best and hilarious inner monologue. I loved reading her inner thoughts, as I, myself can relate to some of them. Second, (Parker this is to you) I will steal all your red starbursts now that I know your love for them as you heavily reference them and they are my favs too. I also loved all the quotes at the beginning of each chapter and how they seem to be tailored to the chapter itself. I need to jot some of these down because they were so fascinating! The plot to this book was well paced and I could not put this book down. I i wish I had started on a day off from work so I could have read straight through because I kept thinking about this book all day, wondering what would happen next. The plot to this book had so many twists and turns. I was surprised constantly and I learned now to expect anything as every turn left me in utter shock. Not going to lie I had a little bit of anxiety as I read this book with regards as to what would happen. Parker’s writing is flawless and phenomenal! The book was intriguing and her style of writing has plenty of flair. Each scene is wonderfully descriptive as it builds up to an explosion of an ending. Now I need more in this series as I’m dying to read a certain someones story. The supporting cast in this book was fun too. I had a love/hate for some characters, as one reminded me of those typical stuck up girls from school. It made them feel real and like you could really know them. I loved Lucy’s roommate as a character she had me in stitches laughing. She really felt my best friend! Truly this book brings it all to the table and I cant wait to read more of Parker’s books! All the stars from me for this book!
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Asher Black, Parker S. Huntington Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, After reading this I was looking for more info on author, and astonished to read that its her first book and...she's only 21! That came as a real shock as IMO its a very well written, polished novel, and I can only imagine what Parker is going to produce with a bit more experience! An author to watch.  So...I rarely read Mafia/biker/MC type novels. I just find usually they're a combination of pet hates, grunting, monosyllabic alpha males and improbable story-lines. I don't mind a bit of artistic licence, a small leeway in what's credible, but find these tend to stretch my beliefs too far. Then there's the Mafia type ones, where the MC kills indiscriminately all the way through but - hey he's very good looking so we'll just ignore all those dead bodies...that really annoys me.  Parker contacted me though and offered an ARC. As I have KU I chose to read it that way, feeling as its a genre I wouldn't usually choose that was fairer than accepting an ARC and writing a low review if I didn't like it, when I know that its very likely it won't be a read that suits me.  And I was wrong, very wrong. Yes Asher is Alpha male, but very literate, very intelligent and not prone to the grunting commands I so hate. His decisions are thought through thoroughly, he works hard at his business, has built it up from nothing and is careful about his position.  There are rumours about his Mafia background, it suits him to say nothing. He's killed in the past, had Mafia connections but as he explains to Lucy, that's not who he is now. Even the murders when explained I could understand. I don't need to agree always with a characters actions, but I do need to understand the motivation, the reason why, before I can say - OK that's in the past and get behind him or her.  The plots in this book are pretty well set out, easy to follow and felt credible, maybe stretched what's acceptable a bit much at times ( the way he can sort Anything, literally anything it seems, whether its a parking ticket, ticket for something sold out, Lucy's school issues or just having the cops help him cover up or gloss over an event) but somehow it all worked out and felt good. So yes, the reason he's needs a fiancee isn't that original, but it works, and with so many stories around there's always an overlap of some plots. For me Parker made this story work, caught me up in the tale, anticipating events that played out, getting caught out by ones I didn't see. I love drama, its the one thing that Mafia/MC reads do well and I enjoy. Its just the rest of the plots that usually have me avoiding them. Maybe I need to take a closer look at some in future ;-) Here Parker got plenty of it in – and I loved it. I would have liked a bit more downs towards the end, I do love sad parts too so long as I get a HEA! There's a great group of characters here, and I love that Parker includes some nasties, some real bi tch ladies. They always add to the fun for me, I do love to see them built up then brought down ;-)  There's some great heat in this, some serious sensuality that's well done. I hate when sex overtakes a story, here Parker has the balance just right.  Overall its a book I loved, totally against what I expected. The Mafia connection is mainly in the past and really only a small part of the story, and there's so very much more to this read than Mafia murders... Stars: five, a really fun and