Captivated: An Anthology

Captivated: An Anthology

by Megan Hart, Tiffany Reisz


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Captivated: An Anthology 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
JoannaDursi More than 1 year ago
Captivated is two separate novellas. One by Megan Hart and the other by Tiffany Reisz. Letting Go: Megan Hart (3 stars) I liked Colleen and Jesse’s story enough, but it just didn’t have that WOW factor. Colleen and Jesse find solace in each other during a huge snow storm. Recently divorced, Colleen becomes overwhelmed by emotions and quickly distances herself from Jesse. The resolution was quick and lackluster. I would’ve enjoyed a bit more background on both characters and their previous significant others. I think if this was a full-length novel what was lacking would’ve had time to be developed. Seize the Night: Tiffany Reisz (5 stars) I loved Remi and Julien’s story and by the end was left wanting more. Remi and Julien haven’t seen each other in years and have a teeny tiny bit of history. One night a handful of years ago they caused a feud between their families. Remi must track him down after she suspects their parents of less than legitimate business dealings. I loved that this story was based around horse racing since I haven’t read anything like it before. STN also had me LMAO because all the characters were sarcastic and had great senses of humor. Again, I would LOVE to see them again.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
A Team Review; Also posted at Under The Covers Book Blog LETTING GO by Megan Hart  – 4 stars What can I say..Reading any Megan Hart story is like stepping into your comfy pair of pjs.  I’ve been getting burned out with a lot of the new authors I’m reading and it was refreshing and delicious to read something that hooked me from the first sentence and didn’t let me go until I finished the story. Colleen is a divorced 30-something who had a bad experience in her previous marriage.  Her ex did a number on her self esteem, making her belief she was wrong in being a strong woman.  Made her think of herself as needy, and drove her to drink to “loosen up”.  She’s put all that behind her (mostly) but is still dealing with the emotional mess he left behind. Jesse is a bartender, and is younger than her.  He’s been watching her come into the bar he works at every Thursday order a drink that she doesn’t touch and not pay attention to any come-ons.  But he’s been desperately watching because he’s drawn to her.  He comes with his own baggage but he’s a complete charmer. It was interesting to see these two very opposite characters come together, first in their interactions and then in their sexual relationship.  There are a lot of layers to them that I wish we could’ve had more time to get under, but being a novella I think the author did a pretty good job at showing us what we needed to see.  Especially the internal struggle that Colleen had to go through in letting go of her past preconceptions of what she was and how she was wrong.  And accepting who she is and what she wants.  Wanting and needing being different. LETTING GO is a bit darker and not a happy story.  No worries, there is an HEA.  But as always with Megan Hart, things aren’t always easy and sunshine leading up to that.  I think this story suffered some by being short but I still enjoyed it a lot SEIZE THE NIGHT by Tiffany Reisz – 4 stars You can tell when a writer is having fun with their writing and I think that’s the case with SEIZE THE NIGHT. The story is one sex joke after the other but man, I can tell you I was laughing out loud for a lot of them. Reisz just has a great sense of humor and I love that she puts that into her books. In addition to the funny bits though, there’s also a sad/dark side to this book concerning Julien. I didn’t expect it, but I also shouldn’t have been so surprised by it. It’s not like Reisz to write something without substance. Though SEIZE THE NIGHT is a sexy Contemporary Romance about a love match between two people from competitive horse-racing families. Enemies because of one bad mix up, Remi and Julien need to overcome more than just their lost time together. They need to convince their families that they care about each other and help figure out what kind of fraud is happening between their families. There’s another thing I need to mention. I don’t think the book would have been as fun as it was without Merrick. He’s Remi’s assistant, but he definitely is more to that too. He’s her best friend and it’s really nice to see all the crazy situations he gets himself into. For a second there in the beginning, I thought Remi and Merrick would be a great pair because they have such great chemistry. All in all, if you see a new book from Tiffany Reisz out, just pick it up. You don’t ever be disappointed. *ARC provided by publisher