Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac's Diary

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac's Diary


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Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac's Diary 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
theeternalscribe More than 1 year ago
The book starts out with intrigue and a dab of mystery.  People are going missing in their little town.  Nobody knows why or what connects them.  Nobody knows who could be next.  Nobody knows when it will stop. The book takes you along, mixing the everyday with the extraordinary.  It gives a different spin on a very old story, that of the hero.  I'm not sure if it's the book, or if I've just become accustomed to reading these types of stories.  All stories are formulaic to a certain extent.  I guess I've come to feel these types of stories are even more formulaic than most.  There is the big bad (the Dark Prince), the leader (Charlie Sullivan), the teacher (Loch), the fellowship (the other four kids), the dark realm (Otherworld).  There is discovery, then training, then conquering evil.  I want to see some element I don't expect, something new, something different.  I was especially drawn at the beginning of the book, but my interest waned near the middle, drudging through the training without much to keep me engaged. The authors could have done a better job of capitalizing on the emotions in a scene, especially when dealing with teenagers that frequently feel things more urgently than adults.  I never felt the urgency, the fear, that a big bad should instill.  The Ancients are mentioned, but it isn't until they've already decided to risk their lives and are in the Otherworld, that they really understand how dangerous the Ancients are, or the Dark Prince for that matter.  That sense of danger and urgency is never stressed early on.  It kind of had an "Oh, the Dark Prince is bad and we must stop him."  Telling rather than showing.  I felt like the authors were pulling the cart ahead of the horses. That beings said, the best analogy I can make for reading this book would be like walking up a mild incline (beginning of the book), then suddenly coming across a hundred foot cliff you must climb (middle).  Then, when at the top, the rest of the journey is like a water slide (end).  The authors made me work for it, but it got better once I got to the top of that cliff.  I enjoyed the battle scenes.  They  did a good job with the tension in the battles, maintaining the momentum.  And I liked the ending, even if it wasn't altogether happy. Was it a bad book?  No.  I think it could have been a great book, but it missed that, largely because it took me days to get through the middle.  On the upside, I got more editing done than usual. Source: Gifted by Author eReader: Stanza for iPad File type: ePub
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Already starting the 2nd book in this series. Charlie and his friends are totally relatible and interesting characters. I'm really enjoying this story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary is the fun filled first book in a new supernatural series. All series that mix magic and kids inevitably draw comparisons with a boy named Potter and his magic learning classmates. This is a series that has the potential to rise to that best-selling level. Charlie and his friends aren’t English and they don’t have the advantage of having professors to teach them magic. They are a team of American misfits working on their own and, in the beginning, most of them don’t even believe in magic. When a Varcolac, a vampire like creature, starts kidnapping and killing people in their small quiet town, they start believing and learning fast. Like all small towns everywhere, the town of Hunter's Grove has its secrets, but some are darker and more dangerous than others. The most entertaining thing about Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters is the interaction between the kids. These kids don’t even like each other, but they grow on each other and they grew on me. D.C. McGannon and C. Michael McGannon bring this group of losers and misfits to life, then change them to unlikely but lovable heroes. This is the first book in the series and things happen kind of fast, but I think this series will get better and better. I have a feeling that Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters will catch on with young people everywhere. The characters, the action, the monsters, and the magic will keep kids reading for years to come, and that’s what it’s all about.
StarGazer2 More than 1 year ago
D. C. McGannon was successful in creating a great story with Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac's Diary. The characters are real enough that I found myself cheering them on and hoping they succeed in their mission. I look forward to reading the next installment. 
Tommy_Brownell More than 1 year ago
WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: When I saw "Charlie Sullivan and The Monster Hunters", the first thing that popped into mind was series like "Harry Potter" and "Percy Jackson". What we actually get is something a bit closer to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" meets "The X-Men". A group of kids from Hunter's Grove find themselves inexplicably connected and drawn into an ancient conflict that seems to threaten their quiet, little town, but ultimately proves to threaten the entire world (and more?). As the kids get taken under the wing of the mysterious Loch, they each learn to embrace their "gifts", special powers that allow them to more readily combat the evil in the shadows. WHAT WORKS: The second half of the book is very well done, leading to a horrible Catch-22 for the heroes. The peeks at a much larger world and mythos left me very excited to continue the series. WHAT DOESN'T WORK: It does take the book about halfway through to really hit its stride. CONCLUSION: I have a feeling that this series is going to wind up as a cult classic at minimum, and folks are going to look back at this as the weakest installment. Not because it's bad, but because it's CLEARLY setting up everything else (kinda like Season 1 of Buffy, before it hit its amazing strides in Seasons 2 and 3). Set-up is necessary, but isn't always the best story in a series. I believe that is the case here, as well. I purchased both books in paperback at a convention, and certainly do not regret it, but I would recommend that anyone looking for a fun read with a supernatural/low powered superhero vibe to to at least picks up the ebook version. I'm counting on this series being a "hipster moment" for me: I was a fan before it was "cool".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is totally my kind of book. Creepy mansion and awesome magic? Check. Strange creatures? Yep. Interesting characters? Indubitably. This. Book. Is. Awesome. So jeez, why are you still reading this? Go read the book!!!